Wedding Flowers Ideas setting

Wedding Flowers Ideas – Make Your Event a Spectacular Eye Feast

Wedding Flowers Ideas

Executing Wedding Flowers Ideas with a luxury feel, using a pleathora or flowers can be done no better than the very talented and artistic florists over at Amie Bone Flowers of London and Hertfordshire. They certainly know how to light up a room with a magical, sophisticated regal grandeur that the high end bride would covet.


Here are some images of Amie at work on a very big project at the National Wedding Show. They are certainly breathtaking to see.



Wedding Flowers Ideas roof
Images Courtesy of Amie’s website


On her blog Amie says,

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing the past few days at the show have been. I have had so many emotions, from being extremely nervous before the show – possibly the most nervous I have ever been – to feeling absolutely overwhelmed by the positive reaction to our stand!

Incredible to believe how nervous she was in comparison to how talented she is!

She used a mix of roses, wisteria, peonies, hydrangeas and foliage.




Wedding Flowers Ideas scenes
All Images are from Amie’s website



Looking for luxury Wedding Flower Ideas? You have taste but don’t have time?

I would certainly pick Amie to completely handle all the flowers at my event without a second thought.




Wedding Flowers Ideas setting
Image from Amie’s website



If you are looking for the perfect custom made, hand painted wedding stationery, look no further. For added elegance and to compliment your lavish enchanted flower land, pick luxuriously hand painted fresh floral wedding stationery suite.




Wedding Flowers Ideas stationery


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