Vow Renewal Invitations with a blue envelope and gold calligraphy

Vow Renewal Invitations

Why go for Vow Renewal Invitations? 

Have you ever thought about reaching out and contacting a wedding stationer and having some vow renewal invitations? Are you planning a special elopement and would like a luxury venue to mark the occasion? Or perhaps you’re planning a small intimate wedding, or a destination wedding and desire to have something especially – custom designed uniquely for you to mark the occasion.


I’m Rubana Gaspar, the design extraordinaire behind Crimson Letters and I’m be happy to speak to you about everything you might like to know about vow renewal invitations.




Vow Renewal with a couple in a garden
Photography by Say Cute.



Many of you married young, or quietly, or while you were studying.  You didn’t get the chance to celebrate our weddings in the way that you would have liked.


It wasn’t possible to afford the perfect wedding dress and your wedding bouquet and table setting was barely there.


Table setting with gold patterned glasses, pale green candles and blue accents
Photography by Say Cute.


Wedding menu with a grand crest design and gold and blue colours
Stationery by Crimson Letters . Photography by Say Cute.



Times have changed and now you have the opportunity to really do something to mark your love in a memorable way.


You cannot go back and change the way you got married but now you have the time to plan something more fitting of the love that you share, especially after sharing all the years together.  You can choose to celebrate your wedding anniversary with a vow renewal. Oftentimes couples have more of a budget to spend on these sorts of small intimate events and can hire the photographer that they have always dreamed of,  yet didn’t quite have the budget for the first time around.


Similarly, the same goes for wedding invitations, you can have specially designed vow renewal invitations.


Vow Renewal Invitations with blue and gold wedding invitations

Stationery by Crimson Letters Photography by Say Cute.



Vow Renewal Invitations blue and gold wedding invitations with red accents

Photography by Say Cute. Stationery by Crimson Letters


Vow renewal invitations are becoming more popular to include within flatlays and your vow renewal photography.

Bespoke, fine art wedding stationery is now becoming an expression of your identity. Not only do couples express their personalities through their cake, their choice of table decorations, but their paper is also now an important part of the wedding or vow renewal celebration. No small detail is overlooked and vow renewal invitations are starting to gain momentum. Not only is the design itself something that you can push beyond all boundaries, but the way you style your stationery is also now all the rage and an essential part of your celebration’s photography.

Ribbons, flowers, rings, velvet ring boxes, fabric or textured backgrounds, lace, boutonnieres all have their place within making your flatlay a more exceptional, essential piece within your vow renewal experience.

Have a look below at how you can use your vow renewal invitations to elaborately style your flatlays in a way that stands out from the crowd.



This is a flat lay image of wedding stationery, with blue and gold colours. It shows how to lay out and style your vow renewal stationery
Stationery by Crimson Letters .View the above Italian themed wedding stationery collection here. Photography by Say Cute. 




Can you buy a small amount of vow renewal invitations?

Yes, you absolutely can.

Most wedding invitation designers and wedding stationers will only take on orders or commissions with quantities of 25-50 and above, because it really is not worth their time to work on smaller orders when they have so many large bookings and clients to serve.

But with my company at Crimson Letters that is not the case. I am happy to help clients with orders of all sizes.



Last year I was contacted by a bride in New York, asking for 25 invitations for her destination wedding in the Ritz Carlton in Paris. The invitations I designed for her are below.


Custom Hand Painted Wedding Invitations paris stationery

Stationery by Crimson Letters



How do I manage to do this?

I go over this below.



What does it costs to hire a wedding stationery designer to design a suite and just to create a few key pieces?

The pieces that I create literally are works of individual art and are each lovingly hand-made and hand-crafted.

If you only require a few key pieces for your vow renewal or elopement, of course I am happy to help.

I have a minimum order charge that starts at 899 – 1299 Great British Pounds, depending upon that you might wish to have designed. I have to charge this as a business to be profitable and to cover all of my time, communication, design process and design revisions, production, materials and packaging. In total you may be surprised to learn that even for quite a small order it can still take at least 1 – 3 weeks of my time. 

The price can also vary on another factor.


Design from my portfolio or a completely new personalised wedding invitation design?





By portfolio design I mean if you visit my portfolio page and see a design theme or collection that really resonates with you, there is a lower charge, so it will start from 899 + British Pounds, of course all depending on what you would like to have designed.




How about bespoke, custom made vow renewal invitations?

Lets’ speak about personalised vow renewal invitations or artwork.

If you would like some artwork to be designed from scratch, and develop your own custom / bespoke artwork, this is a higher charge and starts at 1299 British Pounds. It really does take much more time to develop these types of design and quite often bespoke artwork can take anywhere from 1 – 4 weeks to complete, so of course the price must reflect this.

Each client has a case by case basis. If your artwork is very simple, the price will reflect this. 

On the other hand if you need artwork that is highly detailed, then of course the end price will be much higher as well as can reach anywhere up to 2999 – 4599 all depending on what you need as an end product and of course how many you might need.


It is worth reaching out and getting in touch here rubana@crimsonletters.com or via my contact page here and have a quick chat.

What do you have in mind?

How many pieces do you need?

When is your vow renewal and what are the most important parts of your vow renewal invitations?

The calligraphy?

The artwork?





Rather than an entire vow renewal invitations -stationery suite, do I just provide vow books? Or how about just some calligraphy poems?

Absolutely, I can help you. You certainly don’t need to order an entire suite and I can just as easily create just a pair or vow books, or some calligraphy poems if that is all you need. It really is a good idea to reach out to me directly. Let me know what it is you are looking for.

Vow renewal booklets can be anything that your heart may desire. It can be a booklet made from silk velvet, or paper booklets with hand painted details. You can even have gold foiled, letterpress, or a patterned embossed into some velvet, or even leather.


Model holding a vow book

Stationery by Crimson Letters.  Photography by Auras Studios.  Styled and Concept by Aqueduto Events.


Vow renewal booklet with bride holding a blush and gold vow book

Stationery by Crimson Letters. Photography by Auras Studios.  Styled and Concept by Aqueduto Events.



Vow book made on pale blush paper with gold leaves design styled on a black handbag

Stationery by Crimson Letters. Photography by Auras Studios.  Styled and Concept by Aqueduto Events. 



What sorts of options are available for vow renewal invitations?

There are so many possibilities for the type of design you can have made for your vow renewal invitations. The possibilities really are endless and are only determined by your, the client and by the budget that you are willing to spend.

For example you can have:

  • leather embossed with a a design
  • velvet embossed with a design
  • leather designs expertly cut-out or laser cut and applied onto velvet
  • laser cut design etched into glass or acrylic
  • design etched into metal or bronze
  • letterpress design developed especially for you
  • gold foil design consisting of either one gold foil colour, or many various gold foil colours
  • normal digital print
  • you can mix gold foil, letterpress and digital print design
  • engraving design which is like a raised design
  • feathers within your design
  • die cutting – which allows you to have a more elaborate decorative shape rather than just a square cut card etc..
  • types of papers available are endless, handmade, high quality pearlescent, mirrored card or bamboo paper
  • super-super thick card stocks are now available
  • hand painted designs, yes literally you can have hand calligraphed and hand painted artwork created
  • wax seals
  • gold foil leaf, which is like a flaky fragile foil that can be applied to the edges of your designs



Can you have original hand calligraphy throughout all of your wedding invitation designs?


Absolutely this is possible. You may easily have original hand calligraphy throughout all of your vow renewal invites, as you wish.

This is a little more costly as it is more labour intensive. Yet, if you’re only having a few key pieces it can easily be added in. See the image from below, showing original calligraphy that is created by hand and not printed.


vow renewal invitation card with black calligraphy on a blue card


Do you need save the dates as part of your vow renewal invitations collateral?

If you are really going for it in terms of a large event, and your vow renewal is a destination affair, then it is well worth making save the dates.

Your guests will need at least 6 – 9 months advance notice to be able to schedule holidays and book tickets to fly out. You can either have your save the date cards match your design theme, or go for something much simpler and save your main budget for the main set of vow renewal invitations that you would like to have made.




How long will it take to design and produce/print my vow renewal stationery?

For a design that is selected from my collection and is essentially already designed, perhaps you’d like to change the colours, details or make other minor changes, the design process can be anywhere from 1 -2 weeks and the production 1 -2 weeks. This is for normal simple high quality digital printing, without any other special finishes.

For a custom – bespoke design it can take much longer. You will need to provide lots of design inspiration, direction and be really involved to shape the design. It can take anywhere from 2 – 5 weeks depending on how quickly we can realise your vision and then production time is an additional 2 -3 weeks or more. Again the production time completely depends on the types of finishes you would like to select.



For more information contact me at rubana@crimsonletters.com. I’d love to be of assistance or help you in anyway.

Or simply reach out and contact me here.


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