Villa Balbiano wedding invitations with moody black, deep copper and floral details

Villa Balbiano Wedding Stationery – Serenely Sumptuous

Villa Balbiano Wedding Stationery For The Destination Wedding of Your Dreams


This Villa Balbiano wedding stationery collection has been specially designed to compliment a high-end luxury wedding venue, it’s part of The Heritage Collection. When choosing a venue this opulent you need to make sure that everything, right down to the last detail, reflects its charm and elegance. This includes every aspect from the moment you send out your Save the Date cards, to the favours, place settings and delicate details of the day.


Villa Balbiano wedding stationery collection for an elegant, luxury Italian destination wedding

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And beautiful venues like this one and others of its calibre (such as Villa Astor) can be great inspiration for your wedding day. If you’re hoping to plan an unforgettable event, draped in splendour and sophistication, look no further.

A Villa Balbiano, Lake Como Wedding is the ultimate choice for a destination wedding in Italy.

Already got somewhere else in mind?

That’s OK too!

In this blog post I’m going to look in more detail at this Lake Como wedding destination and in particular, the Villa Balbiano wedding invitations inspired by this beautiful place. Hopefully, this will inspire your perfect destination wedding in Lake Como and beyond.


A Bit About a Villa Balbiano, Lake Como Wedding


Villa Balbiano is an Italian jewel located on the stunning shores of Lake Como. This perfect destination wedding venue can be found in the small Italian town of Ossuccio. The villa was originally built in the 16th century but was embellished in the late 18th century by the famous Cardinal Durini.

This wonderful venue is surrounded by immaculate lawns, panoramic views of the mountains, private access to the lake and inside, all the charm of its past. Its Baroque frescoes and antiques are perfect for inspiring a luxurious, lavish wedding day.




Choosing The Perfect Stationery For an Italian Destination Wedding


One of the first steps towards planning your wedding day is setting a date and booking your venue. Once you’ve done this, it’s time to let your guests know. This means sending out your Save the Date cards, followed by your invitations.

If you’re planning a wedding at Villa Balbiano your wedding invitations need to convey all the majesty of the venue. After all, a destination wedding at Lake Como deserves to be celebrated and show all the opulence Italy has to offer.

Remember, this is your first chance to let your guests know what kind of day they can expect. So you want your invitations to set the right tone. This means you need to choose the perfect Villa Balbiano wedding stationery that not only capture the venue but also who you are as a couple.


Villa Balbiano wedding invitations with beautiful hand painted details for a luxury wedding at Lake Como, Italy

Photography Passionate | Styling items by Cristina Francis


The Inspiration For These Villa Balbiano Wedding Invitations


If you’re considering luxury invitations for a wedding at Lake Como or if you’re just looking for inspiration for your high-end wedding, I’m here to help. Below are some invitations I have worked on in the past that are inspired by Villa Balbiano and the Lake Como region. Villa Balbiano holds such a wealth of possibilities and inspiration for a designer to pull from and use. I focused on using gentle green and lighter coloured floral paintings, with stronger, heavy design features to mimic the beautiful antique interiors within the Villa itself.

Below, I’m going to break this down into different aspects you can use to create breathtaking, luxury wedding invitations:


Villa Balbiano wedding invitations with moody black, deep copper and floral details

Photography Passionate


Colour scheme


When choosing a venue as beautiful as Villa Balbiano, you need to make sure you choose your colour scheme wisely. As you can see from the photographs, using deep coppers, gold, cream and black can create a real feel of luxury and grandeur. Couple this with warm, dark colours like rich blood-oranges, deep blush, caramels and deep sage green for a moody, Baroque-style finish, which offers a decadent and high-end appeal. If you want to inject a bit of colour, this can be done through the use of flora in your invitations. As I have done in past suites such as this Lake Como wedding invitation collection.


Villa Balbiano wedding invitations with wild and loose, bohemian calligraphy for an Italian wedding



For the writing, beautiful hand-crafted calligraphy is timeless. This sophisticated style will add to the luxurious tone of your day. What’s more, this can be used to create more than just an invitation suite. It can create pieces of artwork that you and your guest will treasure for years to come. You can choose from a wild array of calligraphy scripts from the (above) wildly, loose and gestural lettering to more formal and traditional calligraphy with grand flourishes and more of a Spencerian / copperplate style influence.

If you’re worried about legibility and prefer for your invitations suite to have wording that is simple and very easy to read, then why not choose to only focus on using calligraphy for a decorative envelope liner, a pretty wrap, or a belly band that can loosely hold all of your stationery together? Or simply finish off your envelopes with calligraphy hand addressing. There are plenty of ways that you can add extra design touches throughout your stationery suite.

See this page to see more calligraphy styles.




Why not consider using details from the venue itself to help create beautiful crests that act as a centrepiece for your stationery suite. These can be done using gold leaf detailing and lashings of acrylic paint for a bold and dramatic finish. Crest can be used in a highly effective way and featured in key places throughout your suite for maximum impact. You certainly don’t have to stick rigorously to one crest design. Below you can see that I have used two completely contrasting vintage crests designs as part of the same collection. You can even add to the drama of your Villa Balbiano wedding stationery by adding some wax seal drama.

Beautiful, Italian style vintage crest design with gold hand painted details for a luxury wedding at Villa Balbiano

White and gold hand painted wedding invitations inspired by Italy for a luxury destination wedding


White and gold hand painted crest design for a timeless and elegant Italian inspired destination wedding

Beautiful, luxury wedding invitations design details with hand calligraphed art for a botanical or floral wedding in Italy with gold and blush accents

White and gold hand painted crest, heraldry design a romantic wedding in Italy

Floral details


Lastly, floral patterns can make an excellent addition to your wedding invitations. You might wish to include images or inspiration from the flora around the venue grounds. Alternatively, consider using your chosen wedding flowers instead. These can be a great way to add a splash of colour and delicacy to your designs.


Timeless and classical, floral wedding stationery, custom designed for a luxury, floral wedding at Lake Como, Italy

Luxury wedding stationery, with hand painted design, inspired by a botanical wedding at Lake Como, Italy.

Luxury wedding stationery, inspired by a botanical wedding at Lake Como, Italy.

Elegant and romantic, pale caramel, coffee and cream floral wedding stationery



If you’re looking for more inspiration for your big day, you can check out my full portfolio here. Or, for more details on how we can work together to create your dream stationery suite, get in touch today.  I would love to hear about a special event or celebration that you might have, tell me more so that we can start planning some extraordinary! Hop over to connect with me on Instagram or Pinterest!



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