Shangri-La Paris Wedding menus with gold hand painted crest design

Shangri-La Paris wedding stationery for an intimate wedding

Designing hand-painted Shangri-La Paris wedding stationery for an intimate wedding


I recently worked on a beautiful Shangri-La Paris wedding stationery suite for a small destination wedding. The process was long and laborious but I am so pleased with the final results and thought I’d take this opportunity to share these designs with you and talk about how they came to life.

Shangri-La Paris Wedding Stationery


So if you’re considering a Paris wedding, a luxury high-end wedding or you simply want luxury stationery for an elopement, read on to find out more about how Crimson Letters can help make your wedding stationery dreams a reality. You can contact me at or via my contact page.


The story behind the Shangri-La Paris Wedding Stationery Suite


The story behind this particular Shangri-La Paris wedding stationery suite was that the couple were  eloping to France for a small destination wedding. As this was a very intimate event, they wanted their special guests to have a keepsake of the big day. They also wanted hand-painted luxury stationery that captures the glamour and elegance of a Paris wedding, so they decided to combine the two ideas and create something their guests could cherish forever.


That’s where I come in. I worked closely with the couple to design and create something that both them and their guests would love. However, luxury stationery for an elopement (or for any other wedding for that matter) doesn’t happen overnight. Below, I’ll talk you through my process in more detail, looking at how I worked with the couple to create the beautiful final suite.


Deep rich coppery gold crest design for wedding menu design for an intimate wedding in Paris



The Invitation Design Process


These sorts of designs can be very time consuming but as the couple wanted something truly memorable, it was important that we got it right. These invitations are completely handmade and painted so all in all, it took around three weeks of communicating back and forth, design proposals, design revisions and lots of hand painting on my part. But eventually, we had something special.


Originally, the client chose a crest design that they had seen in my portfolio as a starting point and I was able to create a first design proposal based on this. Although they liked the design I came up with, they were not taken by the black outline I had used as they felt it was too harsh, so they asked me to revise this. In the end, we settled on a green outline instead but this also took some time and tweaking to ensure we found the perfect shade. You can see the finished product in the pictures below.


Here below is the first design, where the client found the black crest outline to be too strong. We changed the black outline to a soft green outline to soften the entire crest.


Wedding menu close up detail of a gold crest design with a black outline


Here below you can see the softer green crest outline, compared to the black outline.

Shangri-La Paris Wedding menus design process with black and green outlines




Choosing Hand-Painted Stationery for Your Wedding


Whether you’re eloping, having an intimate destination wedding, organising a French-style wedding or planning a luxury high-end event, hand-painted stationery suites could be the cherry on the top of your wedding cake. Together, we can create something truly elegant and beautiful and a keepsake for you and your guests. As you can see from the process above, I pride myself in working closely with clients to meet all their expectations and create the stationery suite of their dreams.


If you’d like to work with me, there are a few things worth noting. As these designs are intricate and labour-intensive, they do require a lot of hard work and attention to detail, therefore I need plenty of time to complete these and there is a minimum price on smaller orders starting from £2700. This allows you to choose a design you like from my portfolio that I can then use to inspire my designs to meet your requirements and to reflect you as a couple.


I allow customers to make two initial changes to the design proposal, after that some additional charges may be applied. As you can imagine, custom designs require me to start completely from scratch which means these also cost extra. But in the end, you’ll receive a 100% unique, handmade stationery suite that will leave your guests speechless. Even the smallest details of your wedding make such a big difference to the overall day and if you’re planning an intimate event like an elopement, these invitations can be a wonderful keepsake and memory of the special day.


Shangri-La Paris Wedding menus with gold hand painted crest design



Would you like to work with me?


If this Shangri-La Paris wedding stationery has inspired you and luxury hand-painted wedding stationery sounds perfect for your big day, find out more about my designs and check out my full portfolio. I pride myself on the quality of my work, so you can rest assured that if you commission a stationery suite from Crimson Letters, you’ll get beautiful quality designs.


So why not kickstart your wedding celebrations in style with a luxury hand-painted Save the Date cards or wedding invitations! Get in touch to find out more.


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