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Let's talk about pricing for hand painted wedding invitations. When designing a custom suite (meaning a completely original design, created especially for you) many factors need to be considered. Why do these factors needs to be taken into consideration when thinking about pricing for hand painted wedding invitations? Well, to start with simple things such as the paper type, complexity of design, printing methods, hand calligraphy, or digitally printed calligraphy, hand painted details etc... all impact the final price. If you reach out to me and communicate your budget, we can discuss the best way forward and what you can achieve. With the sheer amount of work it takes to refine a design and taking it from inspiration to a final result, throughout all the communication, admin, design work needed, creative revisions, final design cycles and production, the design itself can take anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks of constant work.



With a semi-custom design, which means, if you can see a design that you already like upon my Portfolio page, you can add your own text and make some small changes.



Minimum Orders Invitation Pricing



Only need 5 - 15 invitations? Yes, it is possible!

For 1-10 for a vow renewal or small weddings my minimum order price starts at £899.

For 10 - 30 invitations the minimum order fee starts at £1299 -£1999 ( Great British Pounds).

Whether you are ordering, 10, 25, or 500 invitations, it still takes a great deal of time, communication, design proposals,  creating mock ups, revising your design not to mention production, assembly and shipping!

At least 2-4 weeks of work is involved just to develop and finalise artwork, before production. That applies to every single small custom order no matter what size or scope it involves.

Pricing for Hand painted wedding invitations and custom wedding stationery is an INVESTMENT & A LUXURY, reserved for the discerning, premium consumer of paper goods.


If you are looking for "cheap" wedding invitations, then I am most certainly not the person for you.  If you like a Prada bag, or a Ferrari, you have to have the budget to go and buy that item, you cannot expect to ask them to change the lining on the handbag or car seat covers for a cheaper price! As a stationery designer I invest a lot of time into making sure that your stationery and designs are perfect. A profound amount of skill and dedication is needed, as well as outsourcing to  printers and sourcing high-end materials.


As a stationery designer and illustrator all of my designs and invitations are hand made and mostly hand painted.

Think of me like a wedding cake designer, due to the hand made nature of my work, I can only take on a certain number of clients per year.



I can only do this if I can CHARGE you WHAT I DESERVE.



Pricing for hand painted wedding invitations




They are irreplaceable heirlooms and one thing that will last the testament of time and will be passed throughout time. If cared for it can easily outlast you and something that you can treasure for decades ahead. If you're interested in investing in creating your story through art on paper, get in touch and let's chat about it. The process of design can take a few weeks to months from start to finish depending upon the size of your order and what you need, so do not waste time and do get in touch!


I'm sure you would like to find out how much everything will cost. As everything is custom made, it is hard to give you an accurate number here. However I would love to hear what you're looking for, so please get in touch to find out more.


Typically final pricing for 100 invitations can be anywhere from  £1999 - £9000, depending on printing methods and many other factors.


If you select a design that already exists on my Portfolio, with minor changes, then prices start at £1999 for 100 wedding invitations for a four piece suite. Calligraphy, gold foil, letterpress will be charged additionally.


If you would like a completely custom design wedding stationery suite then prices start at £4999 per 100 invitations. The end price will all depend of what your requirements and your budget is.



Please bear in mind that each custom design, involves the process of me designing new artwork for you, completely from scratch. The entire process of design normally takes 2 months and I expect to be paid to cover my time.




Contact me here.


I accept payment via Paypal and require 50% upfront to secure your availability and 50% before shipping.



Pricing for hand painted wedding invitations save the date card with gold details



Design |  Technique |  Timing |  Design Packages




To create your uniquely crafted hand painted wedding invitations, I work best from visual images or any picture you have that best represents your optical inspiration. I would love to hear from you, whether you’d prefer email, Skype, Facetime, or even schedule a weekend call or an out of office hours call in the evening. Contact me by email  at and have a quick chat. Perhaps you're inspired by some tiles, a printed fabric, or a place like the beach, a visit to an exotic country, or maybe it's a Japanese kimono. The more inspiration, the easier it will be to draw a strong design concept that you will love. Perhaps you're bowled over by some wall tiles, maybe it's blue skies or velvety orange flowers, whatever it is, I can shape your stationery using your vision. You can create a secret Pinterest board to collaborate and share your vision for colours, images, illustrations and the overall look and theme that you'd like to incorporate. In order to create your uniquely crafted hand painted wedding invitations and exclusive range of stationary, I would love to find out about you as a couple and how your love story began. How did you meet? What are your interests? Where will your event be held? What are the colours that will be used throughout your wedding event? Every idea can be used as inspiration point to create a distinctive design tailored to ideas for your special day.





During the first few weeks of your order, I will work closely with you, noting each of your ideas to put into your designs. Detailing what is needed and expected from your opulent suite package, the master copy of your design is then digitally copied and printed onto fine paper, then hand-painted to help give an authentic fine art look. Calligraphy can be printed from the master copy, however if hand calligraphy is required with your uniquely crafted hand painted wedding invitations, this will be at an additional cost.




Timing is determined by the quality and complexity of your order. If you will be selecting a design from the portfolio and stationery requires minimal design alterations, light painting and only 20-50 cards are needed, your order can be expected within 3-5 weeks. Again, if you desire a design from the collection displayed in the portfolio and only wish to alter a name or text change, it can again be expected within 3-5 weeks. For large bespoke order with various intricately painted pieces and detailed designs, or when Crimson Letters will outsource gold foiling, letterpress or acrylic designs these can take anywhere from 2-4 months. For those who have a specific deadline that they would like their order ready for, make sure you leave plenty of time to help prevent any stress or worry up until your required date.


Design Packages 


All artwork will commence after the design fee has been paid.

Package 1:     Minimal

If you see exactly what you want, are happy with the text placement and only need minimal changes (the names and details, different digital font options) then design can be finalised within 5-10 days. Inquire now and get in touch here.

€ 170


Here's and example of a small design variation


Package 2:     Reinvent

You’ve seen a few gorgeous designs that you immediately identify with and want to bring them together, but you’d like a tweak of colours, perhaps another paper colour or different card stock to mount your invitation on. Maybe you’d like to use the same design but place it on the opposite side. You’d like to see 3-4 different colour options using the same design, as you love variety. Up to 3 revisions. 7-14 days. For more information drop Rubana a line at

€ 270


Package 3:     Bespoke-Boutique

You desire a completely new exclusive bespoke-design that expresses you as a couple, that reflects your high-end event perfectly. You have some inspiration/images maybe from a holiday in Italy, or Mexico, and you’d just be tickled pink to see your vision channelled into an indulgent line of stationery. Up to 4 sets of revisions. Purchase now, or get in touch here.

12-21 days, depending on the design.

€ 400

Package 4:     Premium Designer Luxury

You have over a year for the wedding and covet a line of uniquely crafted hand painted wedding invitations that will create the most unforgettable experience.

Passionate about design you’d like to outsource some high quality acrylic invitations, or glass etching, gold foiling, embossing, laser cutting or letterpress.

Crimson Letters will work round the clock to create your artwork and work with other studios to create the wedding stationery of your dreams.

Whether you’d like to have a large extensive range with everything from invitations, envelopes with liners and outside embellishment, save the date cards and envelopes, rsvps, timelines, menus, desert table art, table numbers, name cards programs and a large seating plan.

You’d like to have the same theme with a variety of different designs and colours. Up to 5-6 sets of revisions. 3-6 weeks, depending on the design. Get more information here or

€ 600+




Traditionally wedding invitations and stationary are sent out 6-8 weeks before the fixed date. Below is an example of a timeline, which may vary depending on the complexity of your uniquely crafted hand painted wedding invitations order. This can help to give you a rough indication of how much time you will need to have your order ready in time:

  • Week 1                 Design consultation / pay full design fee
  • Week 2-4            Design cycle starts
  • Week 4-5            Decide on the master copy / Pay half of production fee
  • Week 5-16         Production
  • Week 16-19       Packaging design (if required) /finishing touches / Pay final half of production fee and postage
  • Week 20              Delivery



Branded packaging can be provided. Contact Rubana here for more information about bespoke packaging.