Exotic Plum Protea Unique Wedding Invitations

Unique Wedding Invitations


Unique Wedding Invitations Protea
This Exotic Plum Protea Unique Wedding Suite is inspired by the Protea flower. These unique flowers are found found in Australia, South Africa, Central Africa, South America and Southeast Asia amongst other places. These unique flowers have been around from prehistoric times, dating back from an astonishing 300 million years ago! They’re velvety, silky yet soft and robust.


Allow your guests to truly submerge into the essence of our exotic and vibrant floral tones unique wedding invitations. Indulged with rich plum and yellow tones, our Exotic Deep Plum Protea Wedding Stationery Suite is adorned with bold hues and lashings of golden yellow paint. Handcrafted with bold plum and red acrylic paint, both our wedding invitations and calligraphy are mounted on painted card.



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Deep Plum Protea