These beautiful Florence wedding invitations were created for a destination wedding in the stunning Villa Astor, Italy. Not only was this an Italian wedding, but the couple had chosen to host a black-tie event and these two factors heavily influenced the overall look and feel of the invitation suite. 

Photography and Videography by Elisabetta Marzetti




Florence Wedding Invitation featuring black and gold luxury place name cards
Florence wedding invitations featuring a large luxuriously hand painted crest design
Black and gold wedding reception card with deep brown filigree designs
High end, handmade black tie wedding stationery for a luxury destination wedding in Florence or Italy

For the colour scheme, I wanted to create some stark contrasts and used the villa for inspiration. The use of black paper, gold calligraphy and purple details created a dramatic effect, giving it a sort of baroque charm and elegance synonymous with an Italian wedding.


The wax seal and gold leaf detailing added to the elegant and exuberant impact of these Florence wedding invitations. The darker colours used were reminiscent of the blue walls, plush velvet chairs and dramatic interiors of Villa Astor.  Then, taking inspiration from the outside of the building and its surrounding flora, I created very contrasting envelopes to complete the invitations suite. I chose to use pastels such as cream, green and orangey hues. The contrast between the envelopes and the invitations reflects the stark difference between the soft outer colours and the intense dark decor inside the villa.