Fine Art Wedding Invitations- Refined Elegance with Barely there Brushstrokes

Fine Art Wedding Invitations with Finesse


Inspired by the gentle breeze and delicate organic tones of a Californian coastline that’s waves stroke the shore line with soft whispers our Fine Art Wedding Invitations, the Refined Elegance collection is ideal for a spring/summer wedding. Using dreamy water colours combining calm pastel hues, with complimenting tones of light gold, fine lines of contrasting black and lashings of tepid green, our Fine Art Wedding Invitations collection is perfect for a beach side wedding, a black tie event or a celebration in a natural yet glamorous setting.



Fine Art Wedding Invitations watercolour close up


Instantly introducing feelings of hot days and warm summer nights, driving with the top down along Sunset Boulevard, sipping a mojito under the shade of a palm tree on a white sandy beach or a moon lit dinner in the warm climate with a pink sunset, transport your guests in time and hint towards how they might feel celebrating on your big day.

Each Fine Art Wedding Invitation piece is luxuriously decorated with calligraphy, all completed by hand throughout your wedding suite at £14.99 per suite. Printed suites pricing will differ.

Each and every piece in the collection is hand crafted and made especially for you, and we personalise each invite in regards to your own unique requirements. Deliver that all important perfect first impression, when you choose the Refined Elegance collection for your wedding invitations and wedding stationary.


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