Black Tie Party Invitations – (Evocative Luxury Wedding Invitations)

A black tie affair and black tie party invitations don’t have to be so plain and overly classical that it gets boring. This collection is created by heavily drawing inspiration from The legend of Briar Rose and Burne Jones being a series of Pre- Raphaelite artist Edawrd Burne Jones paintings which were completed around 1885. The painting ( below) depicts how a knight, comes across a group of sleeping soldiers, enwrapped by thorny greenery with lots of florals.  Using the rich tones, oranges, aubergines and gold, a black tie wedding collection was made with the most luxurious touches.


Baroque Wedding large ring on black wedding invitation
Hand painted winter wedding stationery with deep copper, ornage and plum tones with a Baroque influence
Baroque style invitation in black and gold
Baroque Wedding stationery with black hand painted wedding menu and large place name
Baroque style place name- large sized
Baroque wedding inspiration with a place name and small rose cake
Black wedding menu with abstract hand painted design