Create a KICKING Plan for the Perfect Honeymoon

How To Plan the Perfect Honeymoon

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Phi Phi Islands in Thailand

For every bride to plan the perfect honeymoon and wedding is something she has dreamed of all her life.

What happens after the wedding?

Traditionally the honeymoon comes next.

Who plans the honeymoon?

When do we plan the honeymoon?

Let the Honeymoon begin….


How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon

Quick tips:

  • What time of the year do you want to go?
  • Is there destination that’s got you tickled pink?
  • How early should you leave, want to make a holiday out of it?
  • Have a budget, or are you no holds barred, only luxury will do?
  • Your accommodation, what do you have in mind?
  • The deal, are there some extra perks you can get?
  • Documentation & deposits?
  • Your clothing, are you really prepared?



When is the best time to start planning a honeymoon?

Like planning anything, the sooner you start planning, the better and easy it will be for you. Planning your honeymoon will allow you to properly budget, find the perfect location and you will also have time to get all your proper documents together. Want to visit your dream location? Make the booking ahead of time to guarantee availability.

Where do you both want to go?

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  • Do you have an idea of where you want to go?
  • Are you a couple that thrives on adventure that look here.
  • Die hard adrenaline junkies?
  • Do you love skiing, snorkelling or scuba diving then look here?
  • Do you prefer visiting historical sites?
  • Are you thinking Bora Bora? Maybe Bali, Venice, Thailand or the south of France?
  • Would you like to go on safari or the Maldives?
  • They are so many amazing places to choose from to plan the perfect honeymoon. Have a look here. Booking these locations less than a week before you want to leave is not ideal. You need more time to plan, more time to put things together and some time to adjust. Some flights may take more than one day of travel time and you might have to adjust to time differences in some cases, so why not book an extra night in hotel and make the journey special and something to look back on.


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Next you need to determine when you want to leave?

The next step is deciding exactly when you want to leave. If your travel location takes more than a day to travel or you have multiple stops to make, then traveling the day right after your wedding may not be ideal. Certain months may not be ideal if your location is in a place where Mother Nature could affect it. Do you research and figure out when you want to go. Give yourself time. You might also be tired right after your wedding. Some couples plan for their wedding a year after the wedding.

What’s your Honeymoon budget?

Do you have a Honeymoon budget? How long are you going for? Are you looking at having an all-inclusive Honeymoon package? Some of you may have mileage or credit cards that offer points. Save them as they will help when it comes to booking your honeymoon.

Why are you going on your Honeymoon?

Find out what you want to get out of the honeymoon experience by discussing it with your fiancé. As you plan the perfect honeymoon bear in mind,  are you looking to have something that is romantic and relaxing? Or fun and adventurous? Are you both Foodies and wine drinkers or is spending the time sight touring more appealing to you? Make a honeymoon wish list and compare this. This will give you a better idea of where you want to go.

Are you thinking resorts, villas or a Bread & Breakfast?

What sort of accommodation vacation are you thinking? Something that is all inclusive? Sunny location such as going down south? Are you looking to go to Europe?

If you’re interested in a destination wedding in Italy you must see this post on our top list of wedding venues in Italy.

Booking a villa or a castle in Italy or England to take you to back to a magical time? Or are you booking single apartments through a Bread & Breakfast? You have so many amazing options to choose from?


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Find out if any of your bookings will offer perks because you are newly married. Some resorts may upgrade your booking for free. May be a hotel can include a romantic dinner for two or a massage for the newly words. No harm asking. It’s your honeymoon and you deserve the best experience after all your hard planning with the wedding.



  • Make sure you, or your wedding planner calls ahead, a week before the wedding, or the day before and re-confirms the booking and any special touches.
  • Remember that standard hotels will treat you and your occasion as something standard and privately own hotels may offer a more personal, friendly service.

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The last thing will be your deposits and documentations

The not so fun part of planning a honeymoon is all the money and document talks. But for your honeymoon to be perfect you need to prepare for everything.






Do you require a deposit? When are they due? When is your final payment due? How do you make these payments? Discuss all your plans with a certified travel agent.

Looking into all your documentations as well. Do you need a visa? What sort of passport do you require? Do need vaccinations? What about insurance? Get all your paper work in order for your honeymoon. Some of these documents will require time. We recommend booking your honeymoon well in advance if you can.Plan the Perfect Honeymoon 4 





What to wear on vacation?

Now that you have planned out your honeymoon, you know where you going and you have a pretty great idea of what the weather will be like, it’s time to prepare accordingly. Make sure you have the wedding dress that suits the weather! A satin dress in the killer heat and humidity of central Spain will ruin your day in pools of sweat dribbling down your chest! If you are spending your time at the beach, have lots of swim suits and if you are going to location where you will be doing lots of walking, then proper foot wear is suggested. Going out for dinners? A few formal dresses won’t go amiss.




Don’t forget sunscreen, insect repellent, sunglasses and the usual things you require. You now know how to plan the perfect honeymoon. Here are a few places we are dying to visit.

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Here are some links to help you find some honeymoon ideas:


What’s your experience? Where would you like to go, or where have you been for your honeymoon. Do you have any advise to share on how to plan the perfect honeymoon, please drop by and share your thoughts!


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