Luxury Italian style gold baroque style crest with a moody blue rsvp card holder

Luxury Italian Wedding Invitations – Gritti Palace

Elegance Envisioned: Luxury Italian Wedding Invitations at Gritti Palace, Venice


As a luxury wedding invitation designer and artist, I love the thrill of working on new collections and curating the most beautiful collections of stationery for specific high-calibre editorials. This editorial collection is designed for a wedding at Gritti Palace in Venice, Italy. In this luxury Italian wedding invitations collection, I aim to convey an Italian collection that is a testament to the unparalleled beauty and rich heritage that is held within the history of Italy. If you’re having a private Italian villa wedding, this is the perfect wedding invitation design inspiration for you.


Luxury Italian style gold baroque style crest with a moody blue rsvp card holder


Designing new collections

Whenever I observe the other wedding vendors and the way that they engage and contribute to creating work for editorials, I came to a realisation of my own. I oftentimes notice that wedding gown designers, of course, take weeks if not months to work on the gown’s cut, its shape, the embellishment and embroidery and the final finishing to create a product that will reflect their brand and raise their profile. That is after all the whole point of creating an editorial collection. To work with a team or like-minded professionals and curate an editorial that will raise our profile and elevate our collective brands.

Yet do wedding dress designers make a new dress for every single editorial shoot? Many of them use the same dress and send it out to multiple editorials. I have certainly taken notice of this.

Now what I have started to do is this. Repurpose key pieces.

Let me explain.


Original custom design

Normally with every single editorial collaboration that I take on I try to push myself as a wedding invitation designer. I ask for a full creative design inspiration board and use that to design 100% original creative, unique wedding invitations, consisting of artwork, painting illustrations, watercolours, handwritten calligraphy and elaborate create designs.


However for this Gritti Palace editorial, I had a few key pieces left over from a previous shoot that were not used! They were pretty special pieces and it was such a shame that they wouldn’t see the light of day. I simply used those pieces, particularly the blue floral wedding invitation from below and created a new collection using pale blue and gold with a spark of magenta and hot pink for the place names below.


Venice style Italian wedding invitation with intricate blue on blue floral designs and gold foil leaf



Here’s the final collection below.



Venice style Italian wedding invitation with blue and gold floral design

Gritti Palace Wedding invitations collection


Luxury blue and gold wedding invitations custom designed for a regal wedding at Gritti Palace in Venice Custom designed blue and gold floral wedding invitations for a wedding in Venice

Custom designed blue, gold, silver and grey wedding menu design for a luxury wedding in Venice

Gold floral classical letter style, unique wedding invitation design for an Italian inspired wedding

Villa wedding invitations inspiration with a letter style unique wedding invitation card

Glamorous and striking, unique gold floral, hand crafted wedding invitations for a gold Italian weddingGold floral wedding invitation design for an Italian inspired weddingEnchanting and romantic a classical style letter invitation for a wedding in Venice Calligraphy letter style wedding invitation for a wedding at Gritti Palace

Luxury Italian style gold floral wedding invitation designLuxury Italian style gold rsvp card and floral wedding invitation designHand crafted, luxury custom designed floral wedding invitations with gold flowers for an Italian weddingLuxury Italian style gold baroque style crest statement card for a glamorous invitation card

Deep magenta pink and caramel gold with blue for a Italian wedding in Venice








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