Rsvp hand made envelope from medium gold and vintage postage stamps

Luxury Custom Wedding Invitations – Los Angeles Client

Luxury Custom Wedding Invitations – Client Spotlight


My final luxury custom wedding invitations client came last August. This final client of the year brought the most exciting and challenging design experience yet! Previously I had participated with a group of fabulous wedding vendors for a really elegant Portuguese editorial. I normally design dark and moody wedding stationery and everyone that follows me on social media knows that, all that is black and gold is my signature style. The editorial that I collaborated in, in Portugal, which you can see here, is significantly lighter than my normal style.


As you can imagine, I was quite taken aback when a bride saw these photos, reached out to her wedding planner in Los Angeles and asked to book me! It was the first time that anyone had reached out to me about a style shoot that I had collaborated on and wanted to actually order their wedding invitations based on an editorial.


I was truly euphoric. The couple in question were planning their union at The Montage Beach Resort, Los Angeles.


If you’re thinking of having some beautiful custom invitations designed, get in touch today and let’s discuss your project. Or email me at, I will be happy to hear from you.



Custom Wedding Invitations with handmade envelopes

Luxury Custom Wedding Invitations – Was it an easier process because the design was already on my portfolio?

Normally you would imagine that as a design already exists within my portfolio, that the whole process would take much less time and be quite straightforward. Think again!

Inevitably that is almost never the case.  There were quite few changes along the way in terms of design.


  • The main gold foil wedding invitation design had to be changed to fit the wording and copy required by the couple.
  • The envelope design for the rsvp card had to be redesigned.
  • The rsvp card had to be redesigned to accommodate all the text.
  • A larger sized hand painted envelope had to be designed to fir the invitation size.
  • The decorative wrap had to be redesign to include a calligraphy quote that was meaningful to the bride.
  • All the rsvp edges and invitation edges were hand torn and hand painted.


Luxury custom wedding invitations with white and gold foiled invitations with hand torn and hand painted gold edges

Luxury custom wedding invitations with fine art elegant gold foil crest design

Wedding invitations with gold foil design, featuring a black and gold crest design


Above, the changes are just a few of the design features that had to be reshaped to make sure that the client had the very best options in terms of design.


What was the most challenging part of the luxury custom wedding invitations suite?

Both of envelopes, the main invitation envelope and the rsvp envelope were by far the most challenging to date!

The main invitation envelope was quite a task in terms of production.

  • For each envelope there were 3 sheets of paper.
  • Each paper was first designed with watercolour artwork.
  • Then digitally printed so that there is a base design to work upon.
  • Using thick acrylic paint, I hand paint using gestural marks onto the design with a pale blush, dark maroon and purple for the flower centres.
  • Next, comes the drying stage.
  • After all 300 envelope sheets are dry, I need to press them lightly, so that they straighten out again.
  • After a few days of being lightly pressed, I start to tear all the edges. 300 x 4 = 1200 edges that are hand torn!!!
  • Following on I start to assemble and glue the sides.
  • Lastly, I create calligraphy addressed labels and tear the edges on the labels.


That was just the main envelope! There were in total about 7-9 pieces that has to be designed and hand crafted. It was a labour of love and truly so worth it in the end.

Here is the full suite below.


Luxury wedding invitations with gold painted edges

Wedding invitations with hand torn, hand painted gold edges

rsvp cards for a luxury wedding invitation suite for a Los Angeles wedding

Rsvp hand made envelope from medium gold and vintage postage stamps

Handmade medium gold rsvp envelopes with hand torn edges, gold foil, calligraphy and wax seal stamp

Rsvp envelope liners in a gold envelope for luxury wedding invitation suite

Watercolour with deep copper foil calligraphy wrap

Luxury fine art french style wedding invitation suite in piles



Are you feeling inspired to get started with your wedding stationery? There’s no time like the present! The best part of my job is being able to work with excited couples and becoming a part of their special day through my artwork.


I take great pride in every stationery design I create and put my heart into every project. I take inspiration from the sights around me to produce beautiful and immaculate wedding stationery.


If you’d like to work with me to create some bespoke wedding stationery for your big day, or you’d like to know more about what I do, email me at or get in touch here.  Hop over to connect with me on Instagram or Pinterest!




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