Vellum invitation wrap design with watercolour design and calligraphy

Calligraphy Wedding Invitations – Wedding at Le Meurice, Paris

Luxury Calligraphy Wedding Invitations: The Allure of Handwritten Invitations

When it comes to weddings, there’s an undeniable allure in the artistry and romance of handcrafted calligraphy invitations. It’s a luxurious, premium timeless touch of sophistication that sets the tone for an unforgettable celebration. As a calligrapher, I cherish my trusted Leonardt Principal EF calligraphy nib and a simple, humble black oblique pen holder – the perfect combination that allows me to create stunning masterpieces. I do prefer to use high quality supplies and watercolour paint, yet when it comes to luxury calligraphy wedding invitations for  the simplest supplies and raw talent are all you need to create pure, beautiful magic.

Luxury calligraphy wedding invitations, classical wedding at Le Meurice, Paris, France

Luxury Wedding at Le Meurice, Paris: An Exquisite Celebration

One of my most treasured commissions led me to a bride who had an enchanting, small destination wedding in France, getting married at Le Meurice Hotel in Paris, a true gem in the heart of Paris, France. My beautiful client sought the premium quality and craftsmanship of hand calligraphy. I prompted her to have gold foil printing to save time, yet she was adamant, and knew that handwritten calligraphy was what she desire above everything else. She envisioned a stationery suite that exuded elegance, bespoke charm and something that would reflect her dream wedding in Paris.

It’s all about meticulous attention to detail

For a commission like this, I had be create a master copy piece, that was perfect in terms of sizing and layout. I had limited space within which to write all the information, so making sure that the calligraphy itself was striking yet also legible was of paramount importance.

Once I had designed the master-copy, I carefully laid the master copy underneath, so that I could carefully retrace the calligraphy and make sure that these ceremony pieces are laid out in a very similar way to make sure that I maintain a coherent design. My client was more than happy to know that each vellum piece would be an individual work of art.

Working with vellum demands utmost care and attention. The delicate material requires gentle handling to avoid smudges and ensure flawless results. You have to make sure that you do not touch the main centre area of vellum with your fingers, or that it is very clean, otherwise the nib will simply not work in those areas. Also black calligraphy ink does run very quickly all over the surface, if you have too much ink on your nib, it will leak out all over the place so you have to be very careful and not apply too much pressure.

Calligraphy wedding invitations on vellum for a classical, fine art elegant wedding in Paris at Le Meurice

Handcrafted Calligraphy: Capturing Emotions in Every Stroke

For me, calligraphy is more than just putting ink to paper; it’s an exquisite dance between the nib and the surface, a dance that requires skill, precision, and an understanding of the materials. And when such artistry graces the invitations for a luxury wedding at Le Meurice, it transforms the event into a celebration of refined taste, which is of course perfect when planning a luxury wedding in Paris!

Calligraphy wedding invitations on vellum with a wax seal and gold foil leaf for an elegant destination wedding in Paris, France
Calligraphy wedding invitations on vellum hand torn deckled edges

Calligraphy wedding invitation wrap

Due to time constraints, it was not possible to use calligraphy throughout every single piece. It’s important as a wedding stationery design to choose focal points of where you want to use calligraphy, to make it a real statement luxury calligraphy wedding invitations collection. Alongside the ceremony vellum pieces, I also focused on a vellum wrap, that would loosely go around the wedding invitation and hold all the stationery.


The invitation wrap had a layer of floral watercolour print design that was more loose and abstract with deep emerald green and pink hues. I paired that with calligraphy, using a poem that my client had chosen for a decorative piece.



Vellum invitation wrap design

Vellum invitation wrap design with watercolour design and calligraphy

Vellum invitation wrap design with calligraphy to loosely hold luxury wedding stationery

Handwritten wedding invitations

For the main invitation, I artfully combined hand-written calligraphy with printed scanned in hand calligraphy elements. The smaller calligraphy (the top and bottom calligraphy wording) was carefully scaled down and professionally printed, while in the centre, I left ample space to add a personal touch. Using my calligraphy skills, I hand-wrote each guest’s name, infusing every invitation with handwritten guests’ names, ensuring that every guest felt valued and cherished as they received their beautifully crafted invitation.


Luxury calligraphy wedding invitations with vellum and gold crest

Calligraphy wedding invitation card featuring white and gold vintage French style crest design with black calligraphy for a French wedding

Calligraphy wedding invitation card detail of gold foil design featuring white and gold vintage French style crest design with black calligraphy for a French wedding


Calligraphy wedding invitations – envelopes

Conventionally calligraphy is normally used only for hand addressing your guests’ addresses on the envelope, yet now brides want to enjoy a wider use of handwritten calligraphy throughout their stationery suite.


Calligraphy envelope addressing commissions for exclusive events




Hiring a calligrapher for wedding invitations


Calligrapher for luxury wedding invitations and custom wedding stationery


Elevate Your Wedding Invitations with Exquisite Calligraphy: A Guide to Hiring Me

If you’d like to add a touch of elegance, personalisation or you simply want to knock your guest’s socks off with an instant statement, look no further than the art of calligraphy. As a professional calligrapher, artist and watercolour illustrator, I have a passion for crafting captivating stationery. I am delighted to guide you through the process of hiring me to create beautifully handwritten wedding invitations that will leave a lasting impression on your guests, that you can hand down through generations to come.


Step 1: Reach Out and Connect

The journey begins with that first connection.

Reach out to me via email, phone, or my website’s contact form, expressing your interest in hiring a calligrapher for your wedding invitations.

Share your vision, whether that’s through:

  • a moodboard via Pinterest or some images that you have privately stowed away, I’m VERY visually driven,
  • your wedding date and details of your venue- sometimes a venue can hold a wealth of design inspiration
  • the quantity of invitations you require, if you only need a 10 or 200 makes an enormous difference,
  • any special details you want to incorporate into the designs, such as calligraphy or watercolour illustrations.
  • lastly please be upfront about your maximum investment level.

This initial communication allows me to understand your preferences and start planning the unique luxury calligraphy wedding invitations  and custom design experience that will and can be tailored just for you.



Embrace the art of calligraphy for your wedding invitations and infuse your celebration with the grace of handwritten beauty. I am here to guide you through this enchanting journey, transforming your vision into an unforgettable reality. Let us create lasting impressions together, one elegant stroke at a time.



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