Lake Como wedding invitations with luxury hand painted design

Lake Como Wedding Invitations

Get inspired by these beautiful Lake Como wedding invitations


Lake Como is home to gorgeous lakeside towns, neoclassical villas and a level of opulence that you’ve only ever seen in Hollywood movies (in fact, they actually filmed some of the scenes for the 2006 James Bond movie there). With breathtaking views and a range of luxurious venues, Lake Como is one of the most beautiful locations for a wedding that Italy has to offer. In the past, I have worked with a customer on an Italian-inspired Lake Como wedding invitations suite and wanted to share this with you below.

Luxury high end wedding stationery for an Italian wedding


As a fan of travel and discovering new places and cultures, I particularly enjoyed creating this suite because I love taking inspiration from destinations like Italy and getting to grips with some of its most romantic locations. I also love the chance to create baroque wedding invitations inspired by ornate designs that reflect the beauty of the region.


Set the tone with these Lake Como wedding invitations

There are several reasons why hand-painted wedding invitations like these are perfect for setting the tone for your big day. Particularly if you’re eloping, hosting a black tie event or having a destination wedding. The unique designs and elegant finish helps to perfectly capture the opulence of your destination and in this case, Italy. So if you’re planning your big day and you’re looking for inspiration for your wedding stationery suite, read on to find out more.


Luxurious, hand painted fine art Wedding Invitations

Baroque wedding Invitations with black and gold ornate design



The design process behind these Lake Como wedding invitations


The Lake Como region is beautiful, steeped in history and the local towns feature lots of Renaissance architecture. This is always a great starting point when it comes to designing baroque wedding invitations as these architectural details can heavily influence my work. That’s why these invitations suites can be perfect not only for destination weddings but for baroque weddings and black tie events too.


From the pictures, you can see I have used gold to create bold baroque designs throughout. I decided to use a varied colour palette as I wanted to mix dramatic hues with more natural colours. The result of which was the perfect contrast between lighter shades of white, green, yellow and pinks and the dark and moody shades of black, purple, gold and copper.


The range of green, yellow and pinks that I used was inspired by the flora of Lake Como. The mild climate there means that many plant species and shrubs flourish along its shores, including olive groves, oranges and lemon trees. You can see these colours reflected in the designs, though when creating invitations like this I can also use the chosen wedding flowers to influence the colour palette instead if the customers would prefer.


The seamless gold calligraphy and darker colour palettes reflect the opulence of the region, something which I felt was important given the elegance and romance of an Italian-themed wedding. My designs were very much inspired by the lavish architecture and the culture of the region and I am so pleased with the finished suite.



Baroque Style wedding design for luxury hand painted Lake Como wedding

Italian wedding invitations with luxury hand painted design

Italian wedding invitations inspiration with deep copper-bronze hand painted details and calligraphy



Are these Lake Como wedding invitation suites like these for you?


As I said, there are several reasons that destination invitation suites could be the perfect way for you to set the tone for your big day. If you’re trying to decide whether hand-painted suites like these Lake Como wedding invitations are right for you, consider the following:


  • Do you love to travel?
  • Are you planning a destination wedding?
  • Are you theming your big day around a country or place that is special to you as a couple?
  • Have you chosen an interesting, classic or famous building for your venue?
  • Are you getting married in the same place you met?
  • And finally, do you want something truly unique that reflects you as a couple?


If the answer to some or all of these questions is yes, then why not let your wedding stationery suite reflect this.


How can Crimson Letters help?


As I’ve briefly touched on above, I am able to take inspiration from your chosen location, be that your specific venue or an entire nation, and incorporate this into your stationery designs. I can use the culture, architecture, flora and fauna and even local foods to inspire your stationery suites. I work closely with all my customers to get to know them and their chosen destination as best I can, so together we can create something truly beautiful and unique.


If you’d like to know more about what I do or if you’d like me to create the stationery suite for your wedding day, please do take a look through my portfolio or get in touch today.



If you’re ready to get started on your hand-painted, moody invitation suite I’d love to hear from you. But please be aware that these designs take some time to prepare, so if you’d like to work with me don’t delay! Email me at or get in touch here. Hop over to connect with me on Instagram or Pinterest!


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