Elegant and romantic fine art luxury wedding stationery for high end destination weddings at Lake Como Villa Cipressi

Lake Como Invitations – Curated Beauty

Lake Como Invitations – Curated beauty & Designs From the Heart

What is the story behind this Lake Como Invitations suite?

Let’s dive into the story behind this pretty Lake Como invitations suite. Earlier on this year, about February time I had a request to join a style shoot. It was was such an incredibly busy time for me. I was at that point working with a client on a very large order with lots of custom artwork that was needed. Yet as I had worked with this vendor previously I thought I could trust her style and was pretty eager to collaborate in another beautiful style shoot and jumped on board.


I’m a luxury wedding stationery designer who loves designing custom made, lavishly designed and hand painted wedding stationery for couples who want stationery that stands out from the crowd. If you’re planning your celebration or special event, get in touch at rubana@crimsonletters.com or here via my contact page.


This vendor requested a very specific colour theme that I had not used previously. I had to take time away from my client and use my weekends to develop completely new designs with an entirely new colour theme requested by this vendor.

Unfortunately most of the suite that I had designed was not included in the shoot as the creative direction had changed last minute and only two pieces from the collection of papers that I had designed were used.

Perhaps my work was not good enough? However, I am learning more and more that it is quite often not my fault, or the fact that my work was not good enough. This stunning black and gold wedding stationery suite was rejected from two other editorials before it finally was used in a beautiful high-end editorial in Chateau Vaux- le -Vicomte.


I decided to take the most beautiful pieces and combine it with some new complimentary artwork and create an entirely new Lake Como invitations suite for an Italian wedding, which is how this pale blue, blush and gold stationery suite came into existence.


Lake Como Invitations – I’m taking the plunge again

If at first you don’t succeed, don’t give up and keep pushing forward. This time I’m sending this lovely set of stationery out to some vendors in Italy.

They’re having a style shoot on Lake Como at Villa Cipressi. Again, I am well aware that it is very risky working with new teams. When I work with new teams it can either be a great success, or an epic failure!


But I do go weak at the knees when old French chateaus or historical villas on Lake Como are spoken about. My stationery might go missing, I may never get it back. At least I tried! Incase this beautiful, vibrant yellow, blue and gold and blush Italian wedding stationery suite goes missing – here’s a quite sneak peak below.


Lake Como invitations

Gold watercolour background with loose black editorial calligraphy for a Vogue wedding at Villa Cipressi

Hand painted blue envelope with blush and deep ochre yellow flowers with a vintage crest for fine art wedding at Lake Como

Italian wedding invitations with baby pink and deep blush with hand painted details

Elegant and romantic fine art luxury wedding stationery for high end destination weddings at Villa Cipressi

Editorial black calligraphy on a gold watercolour background styled with a luxury blue wedding stationery suite for Lake Como

Romantic elegant blue blush and gold fine art wedding invitation suite for a destination wedding at Villa Cipressi

Pale blue rsvp card with blush and gold luxury wedding stationery

Lake Como wedding invitations for a wedding in Villa Cipressi

Luxury navy blue, teal and blush wedding stationery for a high end destination wedding

High end wedding stationery with gold details and hand calligraphy for an elegant refined wedding in Italy

Flaylay blush and blue ornate artwork for a beautiful Italian wedding

Blue, blue and gold wedding stationery with hand painted touches.

Blush and gold wedding invitations

Blush gold and baby pink wedding stationery for an elegant luxury destination wedding

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