Italian Style wedding invitations with regal gold crest design

Italian style wedding invitations ( Luxurious & Refined)

Luxury Italian style wedding invitations


Whether you’re having a destination wedding in Italy or you have a special connection with the country, choosing Italian style wedding invitations is the perfect way to start your celebrations. Just like the nation itself, Italian style wedding invitations should ooze luxury, class and sophistication.


Romantic blue and gold calligraphy wedding invitations for a destination wedding in Italy


Do you want Italian style wedding invitations for your big day? Get in touch / today to find out how I can help make your dreams a reality.


If you’ve settled on an Italian theme for your wedding day, or if you’re recently engaged and are looking for inspiration, the guide below is designed to help. 

We’ll look at how I can help you to create the luxury Italian themed wedding invitations of your dreams, whether you’re hosting your wedding abroad or at home. At this stage I’ll give a brief outline of my process so you can get a better understanding of how I work with my clients to create custom wedding stationery suites like no other.



Italian wedding inspirationPhotography by Say Cute
Photography by Say Cute




Why custom made invitations are perfect for your big day


Choosing your wedding invitations is a big decision and so in this first section we’ll take a quick look at why custom made Italian style wedding invitations could be right for you. There is so much about Italy and its culture that is beautiful and unique, so why not have your wedding invitations reflect this. Below are just some of the reasons to choose bespoke, custom made Italian style wedding stationery:


        You’ll have something truly unique. I for one ensure every design I create is 100% unique and tailored to reflect my clients’ ideas

        You’ll set the tone for your big day, letting your guests know what to expect

        It says something about you as a couple and can be a great keepsake for both you and your guests

        Custom designs will be able to capture the elegance of Italy like no pre-made invitation can

        Finally, Italy is famous for its sophistication and fine art, so let this show through in your wedding stationery


Italian style wedding invitations with blue and goldPhotography by Say Cute


Inspiration for your Italian style wedding invitations


There are a number of areas that can inspire your wedding invitations, whether you’re having a destination wedding or you’ve simply chosen an Italian theme for your day. You can be inspired by your venue and its interiors, your colour scheme, your flowers, your favourite Italian poem,  simply the elegance of the country itself, or go entirely black tie and go for a very simple, yet elegant monochromatic creative concept.


To help inspire you further, below I’ll recap on some Italian style wedding invitations I completed recently, including photographs from the subsequent shoot. 


Italian themed wedding invitations

Photography by Say Cute


As you can see from the image above, I love taking inspiration from nature and in particular some of the flowers the couple had chosen for their day. I used these to help inspire the delicate hand painted design, as well as the colour scheme.

However just because you are getting married in the country in Italy, that doesn’t have to limit your design choices to just olive trees and the countryside themes that I do so often see on Italian themed wedding invitations.

Your Italian style wedding invitations can be as flamboyant, refined and exciting as you want them to be!


Italian style wedding invitations showing the full stationery suite as designed with inspiration from the venue

Photography by Say Cute


Sorrento wedding invitations

When it comes to Italian wedding invitations, or especially themes around Sorrento, or Amalfi wedding invitation, you’ll find many re-occurring typical lemon and blue and yellow illustration styles of invitations. Why should you limit yourself to this typical style?

There really are no limitations to what you can achieve.

As you can see from the images below, I designed a monochromatic custom stationery suite for a wedding at Villa Astor. It oozes monochromatic, sophisticated with its many hand painted accents and is the perfect fir for someone looking for an elegant, classical wedding stationery suite.


Monochromatic Italy wedding stationery for Villa Astor

Black, gold and white, monochromatic wedding invitations for a wedding at Villa Astor, Italy

Photography by Elisabetta Marzetti



Specially designed touches for Italian style wedding invitations

Next you can see how I have captured the sophistication of Italy by choosing to focus on cool and gentle blue watercolour backgrounds, watercolour artwork such as the red leaves and bold yet refined, regal colours schemes. The luxurious finish of the blue and gold colours, with hints of deep burgundy as well as the careful calligraphy, creates a beautifully elegant finish. You can also see these splendid colours in the menu cards (the third picture below) which were part of the same bespoke wedding stationery suite.

The stationery designer you choose, should be highly competent and easily be able to weave your colours, personality and style directly into an exquisite wedding stationery suite. Here is a list of what you should know before you approach one.


Italian Style wedding invitations with regal gold crest design

Photography by Say Cute


Blue and gold Italian wedding invitations with black calligraphy for a beautiful destination wedding stationery suite with luxury details

Photography by Say Cute


Wedding menu with a grand crest design and gold and blue colours

Photography by Say Cute


These are just a few snapshots from this particular Italian wedding photoshoot, and more will follow throughout the article. That said, if you’d like to see more of my work or perhaps you’re still looking for ideas for your invitations, you can see a similar project I worked on with a client who was planning a French themed wedding and wanted French style invitations.



Italian destination wedding invitations to compliment your venue


If you’re planning a destination wedding and perhaps not only looking for inspiration for your wedding invitations, but also for your venue as well, Ive got just what you need! One of the best parts about choosing to get married in Italy is that the country offers such a variety of venues draped in romance, splendour, and elegance. Not to mention you can spend your day dining on some of the most delicious food the world has to offer.


Unfortunately, it’s not possible to list every stunning venue in Italy. Below are some of the most popular and beautiful Italian venues to help you get the ball rolling on your destination wedding invitations and your big day as a whole.


Italy style wedding table setting ideas

Photography by Say Cute




Lake Como inspired wedding invitations


You’ve probably heard of Lake Como, it is the third largest lake in Italy and is a hugely popular wedding (and honeymoon) destination. The beautiful landscapes, picturesque villages, mild climate and range of stunning venues make it one of the best places to get married in Italy. The refined atmosphere of Lake Como means it oozes romance, and couples can arrange civil ceremonies here in hotels, villas and churches. Some of the best venues include:


1. Lakeside Town Hall – Based in Ossuccio, this beautiful lakefront venue is perfect for an authentic and intimate Italian wedding.


2. Il Sereno – Set on the shores of Lake Como, this luxury property only opened in 2016. Enjoy peace, privacy and stunning lakeside views in this beautiful hotel.


3. Lido di lenno – The restaurant is complete with it’s own private stretch of beach, perfect if you want a relaxed and intimate wedding day.


4. Casta Diva Resort and Spa – The five star resort is made up of seven villas and can be found in the quaint village of Blevio. Casta Diva is perfect for outdoor weddings and al fresco dining.


Luxury Italian themed Invitation showing a blue envelope with gold design



Tuscan themed wedding invitations


Another popular Italian wedding destination is Tuscany. This little slice of paradise offers stunning views, breathtaking venues and is home to some of Italy’s most famous and sophisticated cities. Tuscan venues include majestic castles, grand estates, beautiful villas and stone mansions, so there’s something to suit every style and couple.


Choose from rustic and intimate Italian weddings, all the way through to opulent and grand displays of your love. The region is well regarded for its refinery and romance, perfect for your dream wedding day. Below are just a few of the best venues you could consider:


1. Castello di Petrata (Petrata Castle) – The castle can host anywhere between 40 and 250 guests depending on the size of your party. Here you can enjoy the beautiful gardens and stunning terrace of the castle grounds on your big day.


2. Grand Hotel Continental – Found in the beautiful city of Siena, this five star hotel is ideal for your fairytale Italian wedding.


3. Relais La Suvera – This 16th century renaissance villa offers views of the rolling hills and breathtaking Italian countryside. The venue is complete with a restaurant and museum.


4. Castello di Meleto – Get lost in the rolling hills of Chianti. This outstanding venue dates back to the 18th century and you’ll be enchanted by the gardens and stunning terrace.


If you’re looking for more venues in Italy, have a look at this post, 20 Luxury Wedding Venues in Italy.


Be inspired by Lake Como or Tuscany


If you choose Lake Como inspired wedding invitations you’ll receive something delicate and beautiful.

You can take inspiration from your venue:

  • Use the elaborate interior decor. Take note of the colours inside where your ceremony or reception will be held and use those same colours directly or in small accents to weave through your wedding stationery suite.
  • Adopt some of the ornate details from within the villa and use them as an influence for your wedding menus or place names for your sit down reception dinner.


The wedding venues surrounding can be equally inspiring such as the lake itself or your chosen flowers or the stunning landscape of Lake Como.

There is so much to see and do around the area that it’s perfect for creating luxurious Italian style wedding stationery suites. This is also true for Tuscan themed wedding invitations, take inspiration from this beautiful location and watch this transform into beautiful bespoke wedding stationery.



Creating Italian style wedding invitations and luxury stationery suites


When it comes to creating Italian style wedding invitations for my clients, I first put together a mood board. This is made up of images they’ve sent over and a few extras that I have chosen myself based on theirs. To do this I ask for as much information as possible, this could be images or information about the flowers, venue, them as a couple and anything that particularly special to them that I can incorporate into the designs. All of this helps me to create something my clients will love.


It is also helpful if couples have looked at my portfolio and can point me in the direction of previous work that they like. This can help me get a feel for the design, colour schemes and what they’d like included in their stationery suites.


See the mood board below. It helps to form a strong creative direction with colours and design.



Pinterest board for Italian wedding invitations


Creative Process 

Once I have a better idea of who they are and what they want, I can begin my creative process. I believe it is important to keep good communication with the clients throughout. As such, I put together a range of design concepts to run by them and work with them to refine this until we’ve created the perfect wedding final design.


Then when we’ve settled on the final idea I can translate this across their entire stationery suite. For example, creating wraps printed with their favourite poems, or finishing the suites with dried flowers or lace. I really love it when clients approach me with lots of great ideas about what they want, as I am then able to make their dreams a reality. To help you visualise the finished product, below is an example of a full Italian style wedding stationery menu collection from my recent project. 


Italian style wedding menus with blue, gold and accents of deep red

Italian Themed Wedding Invitations - Hand painted wedding menus

To view this collection see here

Creating luxury wedding invitations for those on a tighter budget


I’m aware that choosing custom wedding invitations can become pricey if you’ve got a large number of guests, and I’d hate for anyone to miss out! If you’re working to a tighter budget you could still commission a designer to produce just a handful of special stationery suites for you to give to the most important guests. For example, parents, grandparents, the bridal party and close friends.


This way those who are playing the biggest parts in your day will get something truly special that they can keep forever. You can also have a suite made up for yourselves as a keepsake of your big day. This is a service I offer, so please do get in touch if you’re working to a tighter budget but are still looking for a small number of hand made invitations and wedding stationery. 




Let me inspire your wedding invitations


I hope this guide has helped you to understand why bespoke wedding stationery could be perfect for your Italian themed wedding, particularly if you’re planning a destination wedding. Here at Crimson Letters I take inspiration from the beautiful world around me and travel is a passion of mine, so I love to create wedding stationery based on other countries and cultures.


I take great pride in my work and every design is 100% unique, I particularly enjoy working with couples who are planning weddings around the world. Im always delighted to discuss destination themed options with my clients and where is more beautiful for a wedding than Italy.


If you would like to work with me on creating elegant, luxury wedding invitations for Italy or any other exciting destination, do get in touch  /, so we can discuss your vision.
I would love it if you followed me on Instagram where you can see all of my latest projects unfolding or Pinterest.



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