Ireland wedding invitations featuring custom designed baroque style crest design and watercolour flowers

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Ireland Wedding Invitations – Refined & Artistic


Today I’m excited to share one of my latest Ireland wedding invitations client commission, for a small and intimate wedding elopement to be planned later on in 2022. The couple chose to hold their wedding in a small courthouse ceremony and will celebrate their special elopement in Ireland next year.


Ireland wedding invitations for a luxury elopement

While it’s true that I do focus on serving a very specific, discerning clientele, one of my most favourite offerings is the luxury elopement suite. After the past two years many couples have opted for a smaller wedding or are planning a luxury elopement and this is actually one of my most favourite collections or stationery┬ásuites to design.
I adore working on a unique juxtaposition of custom illustrations and hand painted watercolour florals and giving that special attention to detail and find it highly meaningful to bring my clients vision out onto paper and fashion all the luxury wedding invitations that I produce.
Many of my clients have a vague idea, some colours, some rough concepts or images that they would like to use whether that’s a crest design or developing drawings of a Celtic harp. Sometimes I have to reread and email quite a few times, just to get my clients thoughts firmly into my head and make sure that I’m not going off on a design tangent.
When I hear those initial ideas from my client, I must admit I do panic a little – for some Ireland wedding invitations, will I be able to do this? I often don’t know how I will go about bringing my client’s requirements into reality. Yet, every single time, once I begin the work, I am very grateful that my art magically appears and unfolds.
Ireland wedding invitations featuring custom designed baroque style crest design and watercolour flowers

Heirloom stationery suite design

To design one luxury wedding invitations suite, we wouldn’t look at expensive printing finishes such as embossing or gold foil printing. Creating only one small highly customised, hand painted suite for my clients is such an honour to experience and design. I get to record my couples feelings, personalities and love on paper to be framed and treasured for a lifetime. To be handed down through the generations.

Custom iIllustration for Ireland wedding invitations

I must say that the bride that approached me was a dream to work with! She desired a luxury wedding invitations suite to commemorate and mark her special occasion. As a stationery designer I knew once I saw her design inspiration that she knew exactly what she wanted. Whenever I work on a custom illustration commission, or in this case to create Ireland wedding invitations, it is very important to have a good range of visual design. I’m very visually inspired and visually driven.


Design inspiration / moodboards

I was very happily and instantly excited to see that my client had organised and selected some excellent and varied design inspiration on a Pinterest mood board that she had especially curated.

She had saved all sorts of images ranging from vintage crest designs, smaller crest designs for the envelope, a specific harp design that she wanted to incorporate, and a range of flowers that she also wanted to use. She focused primarily on daffodils, bluebells and lily of the valley and expressed a preference for ivy leaves as well. Using all of the inspiration and creative direction that she provided, all I needed was the wording / copy to go upon the main pieces and I could start creating the artwork and compiling the designs.


Below you can see how I used all of her ideas and used her vision to create a custom, luxury hand made and hand painted Ireland wedding invitations suite.


Ireland wedding invitations for a luxury country elopement featuring a beautiful array of watercolour floral paintings

Ireland wedding invitations featuring custom designed baroque style crest designed for a statement envelope


Colours to consider for your custom designed invitations

The floral watercolour paintings that I developed for my client were quite bright and full of summer happiness. The bright colours needed to be toned down with slightly subdued tones to bring the wedding stationery suite together in a cohesive way. I selected a range of calm forest greens, dark bottle green and a pale beige, deep cream textured paper, to bring calmness to the stationery suite’s design. I used dark and strong, coppery gold ink throughout the stationery suite to add more depth and brilliance to the design.


Ireland wedding invitations for a romantic and luxury elopement in the country with hues of dark green, forest green, cream and gold accents

Ireland wedding invitations featuring custom designed diamond pattern and ornate gold and dark green hues

Ireland wedding invitations featuring a custom designed statement envelope for a luxury elopement in the country

Ireland wedding invitations featuring hand painted and hand made stationery for a luxurious, elegant elopement with place cream, gold and rich green

Ireland wedding invitations for a luxury country elopement featuring a beautiful dramatic crest design and gold calligraphy

Irish wedding stationery suite with hand painted luxury gold crest design with a diamond pattern and floral watercolour painting illustrations for a classical yet striking country wedding

Irish wedding stationery suite with hand painted watercolour bluebells and lily of the valley with gold calligraphy

Golden harp design, hand made with gold calligraphy dip pen for a beautiful, striking yet elegant Ireland wedding invitations suite for a luxury elopement in the country

Bold and ornate, baroque, renaissance style crest design with a large shield diamond design for an Irish wedding invitations suite

Ireland wedding invitations with a bold and dramatic gold crest design layered with watercolour paintings of daffodils, ivy leaves, bluebells and lili of the valley flowers

Renaissance French style crest design paired with beautiful and delicate watercolour paintings for a fine art, luxury country elopement in Ireland

Irish wedding stationery suite with hand painted luxury gold crest designs, diamond patterns and a mixture of light and dark tones for a beautiful country wedding


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