Calligraphy art hand drawn logo with black and gold

Hand Drawn Logo Design (Beautiful & Intricate, Baroque Inspired)

Hand Drawn Logo Design with Vintage, Baroque Style Illustration


Diving into the hand drawn logo design world. After the holiday season and the end of a bumpy wedding season last year in 2020, which I am sure no one saw that Covid madness and the world grinding to a halt, I had a wonderful commission come my way. Here below is the final logo design that I arrived to by the end of the long design process. There were many steps that I went through, throughout the natural evolution of design, before I arrived at the below hand drawn logo design that has been converted into a vector design.


Hand made logo design featuring a dark and moody logo design with deep magenta, burgundy and gold

Hand made logo design process of design by a illustrator


As a wedding invitation designer, I have happily been producing high-end, luxury custom designed invitations and wedding stationery for weddings and events for five years now. I have always wanted to dabble in the world of logo design, yet the right client or creative design brief had not yet come along. Alongside that I didn’t quite know how to go about approaching a logo design brief. Do I focus on modern designs or produce a gallery of old world logo designs?


You may be wondering, what is hand drawn logo design? In today’s fast paced society many people buy a cheap, fast turn around vector designed logo design for their businesses. It’s only later on that you will need to update and redesign branding. A hand drawn logo design in not computer generated. No technology is used. It is 100% hand drawn, starting off with an outline and a simple, rudimentary pencil sketch. Next I take a black fine liner and start to fill in the pencil sketch with actual design. Once this sketch is completed I will use a calligraphy dip pen and trace over the design and add other ink colours and build the design as I continue forward. To complete the design, I will add additional finishing touches such as watercolour artwork, an illustrated background and a bespoke calligraphy tagline. Once this is all created I will scan the design in and convert it to a digital file that can be used throughout all my client’s marketing collateral and for all business needs.


Hand Drawn Logo Design Inspiration

Stages of logo design. Below I share some of the design process behind my logo design.  I will be updating this post as I continue to work and reach the final design.


Hand Drawn Logo Design Inspiration with a distressed background

Calligraphy art hand drawn logo

Calligraphy art hand drawn logo with black and gold

Luxury hand drawn logo design, inspired by a romantic baroque style design with deep magenta and gold tones

Luxury hand drawn logo design, inspired by a romantic baroque style design

Logo design vintage inspired

Final logo design with deep magenta background and gold and emerald leaves


Developing additional artwork

Now that the above artwork had been created, I needed to develop some watercolour, acanthus and leaf watercolour illustrations to be placed around and in essence, beautifully frame the above logo design. This would in turn add more depth, richness and a feeling of drama to the end logo design.

Here’s below are the bespoke watercolour illustrations. Once painted the background was removed and I set to work placing each new element around the logo to build a new design.


Watercolour, hand painted decorative, acanthus elements created for a custom hand made logo design

Vectorised gold vintage style logo design with watercolour artwork


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