Florentine watercolour artwork illustration

Florentine Wedding Invitations

Elegance in Illumination: The Allure of Florentine Wedding Invitations


Recently a wonderful client reached out to have some Florentine wedding invitations custom designed. I instantly had a wave of intense enthusiasm hit when I saw a small picture upon the inspiration that my client shared with me. I’m a designer that particularly loves classical Italian, French and Portuguese design so this certainly was a dream project for me.


Inspiration for custom florentine wedding invitation design: it’s about following a thread

Oftentimes, clients will have a certain sketchy idea and a vision that they will try to portray through a series of images. It’s my job as a custom artist, illustrator and invitation design to look for small clues, common threads or a strong source of design inspiration that inspires me to look further and delve deeper. My client shared an image of her family’s bible that was illustrated and had been handed down through the generations. There was an image on there that reminded me of my recent visit to Florence, Italy. I presented the below mood board to my client as a design proposal direction and she was absolutely on board and equally thrilled as I was.

The best designs unfold when both the client and designer are fully aligned with creative passions!


Here’s the mood board below that was the primary source of inspiration for me. All of the images you see below were from a visit to the Pitti Palace in Florence, Italy. I was so intensely inspired to use this imagery for a very special commission, so I’m very happy that such a design commission came along.


Here are some other Italian inspired wedding invitations that I have designed that may interest you from Lake Como, Villa Pizzo, Blush Italian style invitations, and modern, monochromatic Villa Astor invitations.


Florentine wedding invitations Mood board for design inspiration



Clarifying design direction

After sharing moodboard and design inspiration it’s essential to check in with your client and clarify if they are clear about the design direction and if they are equally passionate about the vision that is proposed. Creating custom artwork, watercolour paintings and illustration for this florentine wedding invitations collection can take anywhere form 2-4 weeks, so it is very important that I don’t go off on a wild tangent and the client knows what I will be doing. I made sure that my client was happy and started designing!


Florentine wedding invitations artwork

Below you can see the series of artwork, Florentine inspired watercolour paintings. I focused on creating larger pieces as well as smaller floral details that could be layered alongside the larger intricate designs to soften and enhance the overall feel.


Florentine style watercolour illustration for Florence wedding invitations

Florentine style watercolour illustration for Florence wedding invitations with smaller details

Florentine watercolour artwork illustration


Below are the initial stages of designs, with the first design proposal for my client. I loved the opulent, thick and elaborate border design and wondered if my client would prefer this type of a letter style invitation. Also below, you can see some real physical invitation designs with rsvp envelope, dark and moody suggestions with some eye catching elaborate designs.

Florentine wedding invitations with an antique bible illustrated border design with watercolour painting illustration

Details card design for a Florentine wedding stationery suite


Italian inspired wedding invitations with delicate florentine details

Italian inspired wedding invitations with a bold moody red black and gold envelope

Moody spring wedding invitations with black cream and magenta details paired with florentine artwork and crest designs.

Elegant and romantic Italian inspired Florentine wedding invitations with blue and red painting illustrations

Moody spring wedding invitations with an Italian inspired Florentine collection rsvp card design with hand painted magenta flower design and calligraphy


Final Florentine wedding invitations collection

The client found the rich elaborate border design upon the invitation card too rich and preferred something more elegant and subtle, so we paired the final vision back to a more refined and sophisticated design as you can see from below.


Thick, duplexed wedding invitation card with red and blue Florentine watercolour design for a luxury Italian wedding

Extra thick wedding invitation card with red and blue Italian style artwork illustration for a classical chic wedding

Red and blue Florentine style Italian wedding invitation cards on a thick card with green calligraphy

Stunning and romantic, gold foil printed and embossed gold flowers and leaves with hand painted gold ink, for a bespoke, luxury envelope design

Luxury beige and gold flower envelopes with gold foil and embossed floral design

Opulent and bold, these refined classical envelopes are gold foil printed and embossed for a luxury Italian wedding Antique bible manuscript inspired, Italian style details card for a Florentine weddingRsvp card design with hand painted rich red and magenta flower with deep hot pink calligraphy

Rsvp card with hot pink, magenta foil printing calligraphy for a fine art Italian wedding

Deep rich burgundy and magenta hand painted flowers for an rsvp card with a gold foiled and embossed luxury floral envelope

Luxury, gold foiled and embossed floral design envelopes with elegant, hand painted rsvp cards for a romantic Florentine wedding

Florentine wedding invitations with blue and red watercolour paintings paired with gold calligraphy and goldLuxury tarnished gold foil printed wedding crest with calligraphy initials for a custom design wedding stationery suite Luxury tarnished gold foil printed wedding crest with calligraphy and gold embossed floral design for an Italian fashion weddingCream and gold wedding invitation with foil crest and gold flowers design





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