Design inspiration from Paris for French wedding

Design Inspiration from Paris

Design Inspiration from Paris: The Heart of my Invitation Designs

As a wedding stationery designer, it is critical for me to remain consistently inspired. This may come as a surprise to you but mostly I draw design inspiration from Paris!  I design for some very high end clients and it’s important for my work to stay refined, very dynamic looking and to stand out from the crowd. Being married to my Portuguese – French husband, I am so grateful to be able to pass through Paris, almost every single year. Paris has certainly become an explosion of inspiration and a hub for new-idea generation.


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So much of my love for design and indeed so many of my custom invitation designs and French wedding invitations can be traced directly back to the scenery of Paris. Whether it’s the grand chateaus, the old back streets, or the architecture, there is a sea of artistic inspiration that never seems to end. Every time I do visit or pass through Paris, I am hit by a plethora of ideas.


Today I’m sharing a few images from my last visit and two of my wedding invitation designs that have been design directly from this inspiration.



Design inspiration from Paris for French wedding

French design inspiration with a ceiling from the Chateau Chantilly

French wedding Design inspiration

Marie Antoinette classical oil painting

Classical oil painting of a women lace

Design inspiration from Chateau Chantilly

Gold moulding from a French palace interior

Close up detail of gold ornate moulding from a French Palace's interior



Design inspiration from Paris – for my wedding invitations

Here below, you can see the design inspiration that I used from the interiors of Chateau de Chantilly for a classical white and gold wedding invitation card that I hand painted and finished off with calligraphy.



Gold ornate interior design from Chateau de Chantilly


White and gold classical wedding reception card influenced by French architecture

Wedding stationery inspired by French Style

Wedding invitation suite inspired by French interiors featuring white and gold hand painted design for a fine art wedding

White and gold French style wedding stationery design

White wedding stationery with deep gold hand painted details for a fine art luxury destination wedding in France or Italy

All photography by Mouna


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