Fine art wedding invitations with black and gold design

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*My work is by commission only.  If you would like custom designed or hand painted wedding invitations, the first step is to contact me by email with your questions and requests.  I will follow up with you immediately by email.
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Lia Parifax
I knew I wanted to work with Rubana from the start, after combing through her remarkable online portfolio. But, I had certain time restrictions and other limitations that made me worry that bespoke artwork and calligraphy of her caliber would be challenging. Rubana made everything easy. She was an absolute dream to work with. I provided a high-level, loose vision of what I wanted, which she then expanded upon with incredible creativity, efficient consultation, and flawless execution. I consider myself a discerning consumer of stationary and bespoke paper goods, and I can say without hesitation that her work is the most remarkably beautiful that I’ve ever seen. Her process was streamlined and her finished product was original and breathtaking. She far exceeded my expectations at every turn. I cannot recommend her enough. I just wish I had more excuses to work with her.