Consistency is key to a successful business

Consistency is Key (Why it’s Critical for a Wedding Stationery Businesses)

Consistency is Key to the Success of any Longterm Business – Especially as a Wedding Stationery Designer or a Wedding Invitation Designer.


Here are some business tips as a calligrapher, artist and stationery designer

Consistency is key – what does this even mean?

Consistency is key for taking a business from the initial stages, to encourage growth and finally towards gaining success, yet it is rarely spoken about in depth. In short, what I mean when I say consistency is key, is that you must work tirelessly, push forward and think of your business in terms of it being a marathon and not a sprint.


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Consistency is key to a successful business

Calligraphy hand lettered and digitised by Rubana, from Crimson Letters.


Consistency is key & how it helped me in the initial stages of my wedding stationery business

When I started my business, going back 5 years ago to 2016 ( time certainly goes by with the blink of an eye) I really struggled. At that time, my husband had found a wonderful career opportunity as an aeronautical engineer in Saudi Arabia. Yes, you read that correctly. So we went from England, where I was born and raised and lived all of my life across, to Saudi Arabia.


Setting up a business will never give you fast results. There will never be an easy answer. You need to think of it more in terms of a marathon.

Whilst out in the Gulf region, living in Riyadh I hardly knew where to start!


  • I didn’t know the right people – I didn’t even know anyone within the wedding industry in Saudi Arabia and it was an industry covered in mystery with the most extravagant, all night weddings!
  • I didn’t have the RIGHT contacts.
  • Had zero knowledge of how to create and launch a business.
  • Had nothing on my side, except to show up and be consistent and be there, growing, developing, month after month, year after year.


In fact showing up consistently and not giving up was the greatest advantage that I could give myself. Consistency is key. I was very lucky to be so passionate about my business and that passion carried me through some very dark times.


Consistency is key to business success

Listening to a podcast about consistency is key

About a year into developing and silently working away, by chance I cam across a podcast from another hand painted wedding stationery designer. I was so happy to hear that she had made a huge success of her business and employed a team of 10 women. She mentioned that it took her 4 years of development and working away to develop her business during her full time job, before she could step away and make it her full time job.

I often forget that there will never be one moment that will give you overnight success and send your business on a rocket, blasting you away to instant success. Again, consistency is key. It’s about a series of small consistent steps that will slowly enable you to reach your end goals.




Consistency is key to business success as a wedding invitation designer and custom illustrator

Consistency is key to business success as a wedding invitation designer

Another podcast about consistency is key, with photographer Greg Finck:

  • Consistency & longevity is the biggest competitive advantage you can have in this market
  • 2 years is not long enough to succeed

When I heard this – I didn’t quite understand what was meant by that statement. I was about 2-3 years into my business journey and I couldn’t quite grasp the meaning of this statement fully. Greg Finck who is a luxury wedding photographer, clearly stated that you need to consistently invest in your business for up to 5-6 years before you can start to become profitable.



In this blogpost, as a luxury, custom stationery designer and illustrator I share why consistency is so crucial to the success of your business


I found that shocking! However, at the same time it was comforting to know that I was on the right track and that if I show up and consistently put the work in, slowly things will start to happen.

And they did! I reached a point, where everything seemed to converge and all come together. I finally started to see results, client enquiries started to come in.

It can happen for you to. Show up. Do the work. Be consistent and don’t give up.



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Please leave your thoughts below. What have your experienced with consistency and are you working towards some small goals that you have been able to achieve?


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