Gold baroque style wedding invitations to reflect the style of Cliveden House

Cliveden House Wedding (Review & Wedding Invitations)

Cliveden House Wedding: Inspiration, a Review & Ideas for Stylish Wedding Invitations



For this Cliveden House Wedding blogpost, let’s have a look at why you should choose this wedding venue.

Cliveden House is one of the UK’s finest and most luxurious wedding venues, and one of our favourites here at Crimson Letters. The UK is undoubtedly home to some of the world’s most romantic and grandiose manor houses.  For those of you dreaming of an enchanting celebration, Cliveden is certainly one not to miss off the list of wedding venues to visit. This magical setting calls for equally extraordinary wedding invitations – so I wanted to inspire you today with a few luxury wedding stationery ideas fit for these regal halls.


If you’re thinking about booking this venue for your wedding, perhaps you might be interested in having some luxury wedding invitations that reflect the beauty of your wedding venue? Reach out and email me rubana@crimsonletters or contact me! Let’s discuss your vision and create it on paper.


Cliveden House Wedding

Image courtesy of Katie Considers


Cliveden House Wedding, see how you can use inspiration from your wedding venue to shape your wedding stationery

Image courtesy of Katie Considers


Before we Begin let’s Take a Look at The History of Cliveden House

For many centuries after Cliveden House was first built in 1666.  It was unashamedly dedicated to the pursuit of power, pleasure, and politics – a hub of socialites and the hottest invitations money could buy. Since then it has twice been destroyed by fire, only to somehow emerge each time more stunning than before. This heritage of entertaining means it has been host to some of the era’s most (in)famous parties and most notable royals and celebrities. The house continues to delight now, in its current incarnation as the luxury hotel it has become since 1985.


One can very easily see why everyone who visits falls in love: the 365 acres of National Trust parkland, the panoramic views of the rolling Berkshire countryside, the romantic clock tower, the manicured themed gardens, the lavish interiors of the grand stately home at its center, and the decadent suites in which to relax once your Cliveden House wedding celebrations are over.


It is the perfect location for a glamorous and refined wedding experience that will take your breath away for years to come. The long-running tradition of impeccable hospitality and extravagant entertainment shines through every detail, and makes for irresistible charm.


Plenty of Inspiration

One of the elements I adore about the architecture of this venue is the palpable celebration of history, which is something at the heart of many of my designs. The Italianate and French style of the mansion echoes of the techniques and visuals of the artists of the Renaissance. Boasting exquisite ornamentation, carvings of flora and fauna, and gilded panelling. This is exactly the type of inspiration that stirs me to design.


All of these are beautiful sources of inspiration for your wedding decor and your wedding details, and visuals to echo when designing a luxury wedding stationery suite for a celebration at Cliveden.

So many times I have seen couples book, impressive, aristocratical wedding venues, only to have wedding invitations that don’t reflect the wedding venue at all. Their wedding invitations could directly reflect the grandeur of their stately wedding venue, yet they are so mismatched and plain, they let the whole event down. With a bit of advance planning, this could be avoided.


Clivedon House Wedding invitation inspiration

Stationery design by Crimson Letters. Photography by Sozonova



Your Clieveden House wedding and invitations should be completely coherent. You invitations and paper suites are your identity, your dreams on paper.

Stationery for a Cliveden House Wedding

Every wedding invitation I design is bespoke and inspired by the couples’ passions, venue, and wedding style. I always create suites that embrace the personality of the venue, so that it can set the scene for the exciting celebrations to come. In the case of Cliveden, this scene would be one of enticing luxury and unapologetic romance.


Cliveden House Wedding showing invitations with crest design in gold

Stationery design by Crimson Letters.



For Your Cliveden House Wedding- Take Design Inspiration Directly from the Venue


The suite could, for example, echo the gilded floral carvings of the Great Hall, by way of hand painted golden detailing within majestic crests. This first suite features a beautifully timeless palette of gold, white, and black, with hand-torn edges, hand-painted details, gold foiling, a bespoke wax seal, and classic florid lettering. With its light palette and intricate illustrations, it suits a couple wishing to mix modern, minimalist elements with the historic elegance of eras long gone.


Gold ornate wedding invitation with heavy gold hand painted details to match golden interiors at a wedding venue
Luxury, London wedding stationery designed by Crimson Letters. Photography by Auras Studios.


Embrace Black Tie Design and Glowing Gold


This second suite features graceful handwritten calligraphy, elegant details, and shimmers of warm metallic and coppery golds. The entire suite is handcrafted, hand-torn, and hand-pressed. The painted details sing alongside the bespoke wax seal and delicate gold foil – reserved only for the most discerning bride, and the most decadent venue.


Don’t be afraid to be bold and use a dash of black tie drama as a sophisticated dash of elegance in your wedding invitations. A Cliveden House wedding is a grand event and should be marked accordingly. Additions of black can not only make a strong accent but also cause quite a stir with your guests.



Gold wedding invitations for a London wedding

Wedding stationery and calligraphy designed by Crimson Letters. Photography by Auras Studios.


For a similar design with a touch more colour, we could pair the golden details with pale hues.


For this next suite, I chose to work with a unique mix of rich tarnished gold and light and airy blues.  This design introduces a contemporary twist to European classicism, much like Cliveden itself.  This luxurious wedding invitation (below) features soft blue watercolour washes, gold calligraphy embellishments, and hand deckled corners. The suite is gracefully finished off with a lavish wax seal stamp in gold and pale blue. This suite would be a superb choice for your luxury wedding, and definitely worthy of a regal, lavish affair at Cliveden House.


Luxury hand painted wedding invitations showing a blue envelope with gold design

Wedding stationery designed by Crimson Letters. Photography by Auras Studios.


Don’t forget your day of stationery for your Cliveden House wedding

In addition, many couples blow their budget entirely on the wedding invitations and forget to plan ahead for the wedding day. Perhaps you could save on your wedding stationery. Instead, really go the distance and invest in some luxuriously, decadent wedding menus, table numbers and place names to really make your wedding day shine.

The menus below are from my Tarnished Enigma range. The swirls of gold calligraphy and gleaming gradients of deep-shimmery gold, finished off with gentle flakes of delicate gold foil leaf, would make an impeccable addition to any wedding day. Especially a wedding reception celebrated at The Cliveden House.


Custom Gold Foil Invitations - gold painted wedding menus

View the above collection, Tarnished Enigma, here.




Include a watercolour as part of your wedding stationery from Cliveden House


Alongside the above, why not use Cliveden House as an integral part of your wedding invitations? You could easily make add this ideas as an interesting, unique design element that is a bespoke central part of your wedding stationery. You could bring through complimentary colours and digitalise the design to use upon your wedding website as well as other parts of your wedding stationery.

Here’s an example of what can be achieved below. Every single watercolour wedding venue illustration in custom made to suit your needs. You can have a watercolour illustration sketched in a black outline, or hand painted with loose watercolour as well as detailed watercolour (as you can see below).




Cliveden House wedding venue watercolour



About Me & Getting in Touch


Finally, I hope this overview of luxurious wedding stationery ideas has been useful to you, and inspired you to host your own sophisticated celebration at Cliveden House.

This article was created to give you some inspiration for your wedding stationery. At Crimson Letters I believe that we find inspiration in the beautiful world around us, I know I certainly do! That’s why everything I create is made with love and passion so that I can produce unique, bespoke wedding stationery that my couples will love.


Are you ready to get started on your luxury handmade wedding invitations suite? These intricate designs take some time to prepare, so if you’d like to work with me don’t delay! Email me at or get in touch here.



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