Gold watercolour and gold calligraphy art with rococo designs

Calligraphy for your Wedding – How Can You Use Calligraphy?


Using calligraphy for your wedding has become quite popular and many people take classes to perfect their skills and find a way to learn this skill so that they can use it throughout their live and of course, it’s very helpful when it comes to addressing your envelopes. If you’re thinking of using calligraphy for your wedding, you’re probably limiting yourself to hand addressed rsvp and main invitation envelopes.


If you can take a moment to open your mind for a moment, calligraphy does not only have to be used for addressing your envelopes. There are so many ways to use calligraphy throughout your wedding day, as well as the run up to your wedding.


I’m a luxury custom wedding stationery designer and if you’re thinking about hiring a professional designer, or have a special occasion coming up, whether that’s an anniversary, a birthday, an elopement or an intimate destination wedding, reach out here or email me at and let’s see what I can do for you.


Gold watercolour and calligraphy art crest design for fine art luxury wedding invitations for The Ritz, Paris.



Calligraphy can be used not only directly on your wedding invitations, stationery and collateral, but also in a decorative sense. You can create art with a calligraphy dip pen, or create illustrated surfaces with looser, gestural calligraphy with a more editorial feel. You can really play and create a calligraphy look to add a refined, luxurious touch to your wedding stationery, or chosen artwork.


Take a moment to look through my Portfolio here and see how versatile calligraphy is.



Rather than go into the rich history of calligraphy, where to buy materials from and which calligraphy nibs to use and so on (if you are interested in that view this post), I wanted this blogposts is dedicated to a celebration of the looseness and wild motions and swirls of calligraphy and that unique creative feel that can be achieved whilst using calligraphy in an artistic sense.



Wild editorial black calligraphy with flourishes

Gold crest design using calligraphy dip pen

Gold calligraphy on black paper

Gold and black calligraphy with large flourishes

Spencerian calligraphy in deep walnit brown on a vellum paper

Black and gold calligraphy on a cream paper



Throughout my calligraphy career, these past four years, I have mostly played around with black, gold and copper coloured inks. Here below are some of the most immaculate, dramatic looks that can be achieved with calligraphy art.



Luxury Black and gold calligraphy art wedding invitation

Gold with deep brown calligraphy for luxury Italian wedding invitations

Gold watercolour and gold calligraphy art with rococo designs

Copper calligraphy on watercolour wedding invitation decorative sheets

Wild editorial calligraphy for bohemian wedding invitations or branding lettering

Wild editorial calligraphy with black ink and large flourished letters

Wild editorial, modern calligraphy large flourishes

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  • GG
    February 7, 2021 - 2:06 am · Reply

    Breathtakingly Beautiful. When I grow up I hope to be able to conquer the letter A. Thank you for sharing your amazing, inspiring work of art. You are truly gifted.

    • Rubana Gaspar
      February 8, 2021 - 12:39 pm · Reply

      Hi GG, thank you for your kind comment. I actually wouldn’t say that I’m gifted, you should have seen my work 5 years ago. I have been working hard and consistently to develop my skills, anyone can do this, if you continue with practise.

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