Baroque style moody wedding invitations

Black Tie Wedding Invitations with a Baroque Style Twist

Black Tie Wedding Invitations – Some Moody Baroque Style Designs


I recently took the plunge to design an immaculate wedding stationery suite. This particular black tie wedding invitations collection is very close to my heart and I am so excited to share these beauties with you. I literally poured all of my heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into these.


Surprisingly, I don’t seem to manage to produce completely new wedding stationery suites, or artwork during my off season, or down time. It’s crazy.


Black tie wedding stationery with black and gold ornate designs, bright magenta and white and gold stationery


Normally you would expect that I would love some quiet time. That I would naturally take advantage of it and manage to take action on all of the design inspiration that I soak up during the holidays. I have so many designs waiting to come to fruition. In fact, there are so many designs that I have in my head, that now I have a whole sketchbook dedicated to recorded those thoughts as they pop into my head.


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I happen to love making the dreamiest wedding invitations. If you’re getting married, or need custom invitations for a special event coming up, get in touch and email me at or simply hop across to my contact page here.


Luxury wedding stationery with gold ornate filigree designs with gold calligraphy and torn edges

Moody Black tie wedding invitation with baroque French Style inspiration

French style moody wedding invitations for a wedding in Paris



Yet during my quiet periods, which are normally the end of the year, I have had it up to my eyeballs with everything design or artwork related and feel quite artistically blocked. This happens every year without fail and it normally happens from November to the beginning of January!


Astonishingly, it’s during my busiest time that I’m finding that I need to develop and work on my own personal passion projects, to keep the light in my heart going.


Client work does not always go smoothly.
There is sometimes a significant amount of back and forth.
Revisions are needed.
It can get tedious, even though it is a process that is essential to serve my clients.


So purely for therapy during these busiest periods, I need to take time out to invest in myself, my portfolio and work on collections that I have been dreaming about. This normally happens on a Sunday when things are quiet for me. I’m finding more and more that during the week, I like to take an hour for myself to be able to play on the side and create new pieces of artwork. Moreover I actually need the change while I’m working on client work. I do feel so tired of looking at the same theme for 3 months at a time. If I’m working on a particular lighter coloured design, I prefer to switch things up and produce a completely new moody collection. Or if I’m working on something that is quite moody, I’ll dabble in bright watercolours.


In essence, anything that is a complete contrast in terms of style.


French Style moody black and gold invitations styled with flowers on a black background

Floral wedding inspiration with wine coloured, hand painted envelope

Black rsvp card in gold calligraphy and a magenta, deep pink hand painted floral design

Baroque style moody wedding invitations

Photography by Memoire senor 


What does the term black tie wedding invitations mean to me?

To me Rubana, the designer and owner at Crimson Letters, black tie epitomises all the depth, moodiness, sultry tones, grandeur and striking designs that I can conjure up. It is not about understated subtlety. It’s rather over the top, ostentatious couture design that speaks volumes in terms of elegance and individuality. My black tie invitations, unapologetically attracts the eye and is for the bride who loves, more, more and more yet demands the highest standards of class and refinement, with that touch of French inspired style.



Inspiration to create my signature black tie wedding invitations?

As a designer I can pile the pressure on myself! I like to set a pretty high standard for myself, so waiting for inspiration to come around to design something, especially in my spare time – it can get challenging. Rater then waiting for the right designs to be created, I look back at my large library and stock of designs.

It’s all about crafting unique combinations. I like to pull from contrasting elements to create a cohesive design. Sometimes I will have created a sketch from a previous visit to Paris that I will not have the right collection for, so I allow it to sit on the side. A few months might pass and I might be inspired to create a couple of beautiful detailed watercolours. I will stand back and see that those two separate designs would pair impeccably well. Of course, I use my signature black and gold art to bring the entire black tie wedding invitations suite together.

That’s how I normally go about bringing a new, moody French black tie design out into the world.

The best designs have time and are well thought out.

Beautiful fine art wedding inspired black save the date with a hand painted white and gold flower and gold calligraphy

Moody - Romantic French style black and gold wedding invitation styled with pink roses



What colours do my black tie wedding invitations use?

Often times, I push the boundaries of my skills whilst shaping new collections. Whilst producing luxury wedding invitations and stationery, I want every single suite that I shape to have it’s own charisma and tell a story that is unique and be able to stand on it own as a piece of artwork.

One essential ingredient within the black tie wedding stationery suites that I produce, is of course, black, black, black! Black and gold rules the day. Alongside my fetish for black and gold, I do love to sprinkle in other lighter colour accents to play with the light and the dark. A touch of pale blue add a chic touch for French style wedding invitations. A touch of orange or red adds a touch of drama to the whole ensemble and would be perfect for a Mexican or Spanish destination wedding.



If you like the above design, I would love it if you could pin some of the above images to save for later!


I hope you enjoyed this article. My name is Rubana and I am the designer here at Crimson Letters. I take a huge amount of pride in every stationery design I create and take great care to produce only beautiful, high-quality work. Taking inspiration from the world around me I pour my heart and soul into every design, right down to the tiniest detail.
My passion for travel, intricate design and opulence allows me to produce luxury wedding stationery that my couples are excited to send to their guests. If you would like to work together on creating a stunning, handmade stationery suite do drop an email over at or  get in touch so we can discuss your vision.
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