A Wedding Your Guests Will Always Remember confetti

A Wedding Your Guests Will Always Remember

How To Throw a Wedding Your Guests Will Always Remember



A Wedding Your guests will always remember

Photograph Courtesy of Fidel Fernando @fifernando



Let’s dive in with how to make a wedding your guests will always remember. Wedding days are special moments you will cherish for the rest of your life. But what about your guests? Sure, your big day is about you and your intended, but how do you guarantee your friends and family have the most spectacular time too?

Personal touches, unexpected treats and surprises throughout the day are just a few of the ways to delight and entertain your loved ones when you tie the knot. Read on to discover how to throw the wedding of a lifetime your guests will never forget.


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So How Can You  Throw A Wedding Your Guests Will Thoroughly Enjoy?


1. Masquerade Masks

If you’re planning a smaller destination wedding, perhaps in Venice, or anywhere for that matter, why not surprise your guests with a mini masquerade ball experience? You can have masks for adults and for children. Guests would need to find their partners and all the people they know on the day. You could even use masks, as an elaborate escort card display. Think of having a large wall covered with masks. It would make an incredible statement as they enter the room but it will also be fun for them to find their masks and wear them as they enter the banquet hall and go to their seats in style!


Venetian masks for a wedding party

Photography by Passionate



2. Carnival & Games

How about renting a carnival for your guests to enjoy? Make your wedding a truly memorable and enjoyable event for everyone, young and old. Kids love fairgrounds, rides and games. You can rent stalls or rides to keep them entertained and help make your wedding day not only full of love, but positively popping with bounds of fun too!


Book a carnival for your wedding, bride and groom riding on a ferris wheel

Photography via Martha Weddings by Kate Osbourne Photography




3. A Smoke bomb 

A wonderful way to make a wedding your guests will always remember is to use a smoke bomb. Many couples are going for more experiential photography, where they want more of a unique moment to capture. Why not use as smoke bomb, not only for yourself as a couple, but for all your wedding party together? That would be a great way  to involve your guests, capture some rather fantastic moments and have an immense amount of fun and laughter!

Smoke bomb with the bride and groom

Photography by Say Cute



4. Combine good music with an open bar and late night snacks

Another way that you can make a wedding that your guests will always remember is to hire an amazing DJ plus free alcohol equals a recipe for success. Who wouldn’t remember dancing all night whilst drinking complimentary cocktails? For extra points, surprise your guests with some delicious midnight snacks to end the night on a high. Dancing is hungry business! In fact, remember that you guests will all be hungry different time of the day. The worst thing that can possibly happen is for you guests to have to wait for hours for the food to arrive, or be served!

As guests arrive there should be some designated areas throughout the day, whether it’s upon arrival, the middle of the day or throughout the midnight fiesta, an open buffet, or some form of drinks and snacks should always be available.


Buffet stations for events

Image via Your Platter Matters


5. Don’t forget the late evening celebrations

This is certainly an original way to light up your guests eyes! For any night time events or parties, these reusable led balloons are a great way to liven up the wedding venue, put your guests in a good party mood and serve as a fabulous photography backdrop.



Led balloons for a night time party

Photography via Pretty Little Sale




6. Exchange heartfelt, personalised wedding vows

Humans are wired to remember emotional experiences. If your wedding vows tug on the guests’ heartstrings and bring a tear to their eyes, the moving moment of making a wedding your guests will always remember, will undoubtedly stay in their memories forever. Make the moment even more meaningful and mark it with some custom designed vow books. They could be custom designed and made in velvet, leather, or whatever you might have in mind.

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Vow book with hand painted leaves design and vows calligraphy

Pale blush hand made vow book with gold leaves design and calligraphy for luxury fine art destination weddings

Above images are from a beautiful, black tie wedding editorial from Portugal. Photography by Auras Studio



7. Choose a distinctive venue or opt for a destination wedding

Following on, it goes without saying that so many couples are opting for smaller destination weddings. This is the penultimate way to make a wedding that your guests will always remember! Not only will they visit a completely new country, but your wedding will be more like a holiday, with so much to offer. Think, food, culture, history!

The perfect venue sets a scene and creates a beautiful backdrop for your big day. From seaside soirees to majestic castles, an enchanting venue and stunning surroundings are sure to charm and astound your guests. The venue below is from Estoi Palace in the south of Portugal, Algarve. Its romantic rococo architecture and interiors harps back to more opulent times gone by.


Destination wedding venue in Portugal, Estoi Palace in the south of Portugal which is perfect for a small luxury wedding

A Wedding Your Guests Will Always Remember - Gold interiors for a striking wedding venue in Portugal with the Estoi Palace

Photography by Passionate



8. Leave your wedding in style

Forget about throwing confetti when leaving the chapel. Why not give your guests colourful balloons to release or vintage bells to ring? Leave in a car with a line of glowing sparklers to make a memorable moment. Taking part in an activity that is exciting, unique and heart-warming is sure to be an unforgettable experience.



A Wedding Your Guests Will Always Remember leaving your wedding with confetti
Photography by Frans Hulet


Photograph of a black car leaving a wedding with huge sparklers
Photography courtesy of Kristyn Hogan.




9. The little details create the most joy

Thoughtful touches promise to make your guests feel special. Why not treat them with a personalised wedding programme and lavish, hand-written name cards? Not only will guests appreciate that an artist has taken the time to hand-paint their names and wedding information, the artwork can also be kept as memoirs of your special day.


A Wedding Your Guests Will Always Remember - Hand painted, black and gold, luxury wedding invitations with a baroque influence.

Photography by Auras Studio Crimson Letters create lovely and luxurious, bespoke wedding stationery, check out the website here > www.crimsonletters.com


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Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to throw a wedding that you and your guests will never forget. If this article has helped you, please share!


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