Pricing calligraphy

When designing a custom suite (meaning a completely original design, created especially for you) many factors need to be considered.




SUCH AS the paper type, complexity of design, printing methods, hand calligraphy, hand painted details etc... before arriving at a final price.



If you reach out to me and communicate your budget, we can discuss the best way forward and what you can achieve.




With the sheer amount of work it takes to refine a design and taking it from inspiration to a final result, throughout all the communication, admin, design work needed, creative revisions, final design cycles and production, the design itself can take anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks of constant work.



Therefore with this in mind whatever the size of your custom order, whether you are having 10 guests, or 500, the amount of time that it takes is the same. All that said, for all custom stationery I require a minimum investment of £1299 for my personal design fee.



Just to give you an idea all my wedding packages usually range anywhere from  £1500- £5000 (Great British Pounds) roughly translating to approximately $2,000-$ 7,000 ( U.S Dollars).



With a semi-custom design, which means, if you can see a design that you already like upon my Portfolio page, you can add your own text and make some small changes. There will be a minimum fee of £500 ( appr. $700) with the additional costs of the suites, materials, paper types and printing methods on top.

Hand painted and custom wedding stationery is an INVESTMENT & A LUXURY, reserved for the discerning consumer of paper goods.



If you are looking for "cheap" wedding invitations, then I am most certainly not the person for you!


If you like a Prada bag, or a Ferrari, you have to have the budget to go and buy that item, you cannot expect to ask them to change the lining on the handbag or car seat covers for a cheaper price!




As a stationery designer I invest a lot of time into making sure that your stationery and designs are perfect. A profound amount of skill and dedication is needed, as well as expensive printers and other materials. As a stationery designer and illustrator I have to charge this to cover my rent and bills, otherwise I cannot run a profitable business that will break even and I want to invest my time and skill in YOU!!!



I can only do this if I can CHARGE you WHAT I DESERVE.



Your invitations are ART on paper.

They are irreplaceable heirlooms and one thing that will last the testament of time and will be passed throughout time. If cared for it can easily outlast you and something that you can treasure for decades ahead.


If you're interested in investing in creating your story through art on paper, get in touch and let's chat about it. The process of design can take a few weeks to months from start to finish depending upon the size of your order and what you need, so do not waste time and do get in touch!
Contact me here.
I accept payment via Paypal and require 50% upfront to secure your availability and 50% before shipping.