Abstract Floral illustrations with pink flowers and orange leaves copy

My Abstract Floral Illustrations

Welcome to my world of abstract floral illustrations and my playtime with them.


Now anyone that knows me as a wedding stationery design ( or if you don’t know me for that matter), knows that I thoroughly enjoy tight, highly analytical, classical – traditional designs and often romanticise over the next piece of luxurious design that I will dream up. Yet after spending hours upon hours working on watercolour details I also have fallen in love with being able to just let it all go. That’s how my passion for abstract floral illustrations.


What sort of mediums do I use for abstract floral illustrations?


For the past three years I mostly have tried to develop my acrylic paintings and calligraphy and was rather one sided in my preferences.

To see what I mean, have a look at this blog showing some dark and moody acrylic paintings.

I stuck quite rigidly to acrylics to similar paintings that you can see below.


Abstract floral illustration with my old acrylic painting style


Well, I wanted to stand out from the crowd, which is an understatement and am sure that I stand out in the wedding industry with my invitations. But I found that using acrylic paint, which although I thoroughly enjoy wasn’t loose enough for me to really let go. I still find that with acrylics I am being far too tight with my style.

However watercolour really gave me that freedom and ease of movement which I had been longing for after creating some very tight pieces.


I used some photographs of florals for inspiration and set to work creating my first range of watercolours and acrylics based on trying to throw myself into furthering an abstract floral illustration portfolio.
It is far from perfect, or where I would like to end up as a designer or illustrator, but we have to start somewhere don’t we. We have to leat go of our fears and sometimes just put that brush on paper and start to create!

Here are some of my abstract floral illustrations below.


One day I dream to get out of the wedding industry that I currently work in and branch out into full time floral abstract illustrations and would love to see my design on wallpaper, fashion or packaging.



Abstract Floral illustration with pink flowers and orange leaves copy



Abstract Floral illustrations with bright orange and deep green leaves




Abstract Floral illustrations with white anemones and black leaves



Abstract Floral Illustrations with aubergine plum orchids copy



Abstract Floral Illustrations Blue hydrangea watercolour copy



What do I use for my inspiration when painting abstract floral illustrations?


Normally I’m one of those artists that waits for the moment of inspiration to strike. It can strike when a client reaches out with a completely fresh set of design colours but mostly I’m inspired by floral arrangements. I generally look through instagram and find floral artists like Ponderosa and Thyme or someone similar, these always seem to inspired me. Other times I must day that other illustration artists that I see on Pinterest do quite often inspire me. But saying that, I will NEVER EVER copy them, but I merely use their work as a starting point. Once you start and put that brush to paper it’s amazing what can unfold if you allow yourself to play and not worry about how others will perceive your work.

I generally as a rule I never paint live on instagram, I find it very jarring that others can see and are judging my work as I paint away. I have to work quietly, away from peering eyes and in the solace of my own company.


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