Custom Hand Painted Wedding Invitations

Everyone wants their wedding to be special and unique. So why custom hand painted wedding invitations? Unfortunately, for your wedding to be unique, that’s easier said than done because today all weddings seem the same. The guests receive a generic wedding invitation card, they visit a venue with pastel coloured decor, and listen to the wedding themed songs that are present at almost all weddings these days. If you really want your wedding to be unique and interesting, you need to think outside the box, and plan a wedding that’s a good reflection of you as a couple. Custom hand painted wedding invitations can be used with bespoke watercolour designs  and custom designed calligraphy and is a great step towards a wonderfully unique and personal wedding, and we at Crimson Letters can help you.

Custom Hand Painted Wedding Invitations suite

Completely Unique Designs

The beauty of hand painted invitations is that no two designs are the same. Perhaps you are going for a destination wedding and you would like your wedding invitations to reflect that? Your wedding invitations would be completely unique to you, because the design was created with your personality and relationship in mind. Our artist always puts in a lot of time, thought, and effort into the designs to ensure they represent you well. Our hand painted wedding invitations will immediately draw attention and leave a great impression on your prospective guests. Here’s a brief glimpse about how we work:

  • Our artist Rubana will look at the pictures and design ideas you send to develop an understanding of your preferences.
  • She’ll also communicate with you regularly and ask questions that would help her create Custom hand painted invitations that are ideal for you.
Custom Hand Painted Wedding Invitations leaves watercolour

What’s Special About Our Custom Hand Painted Wedding Invitations?

Are you reluctant to consider a commissioned wedding card? The result is well worth the effort. Here are some reasons why you should consider them:

  • Paper – We use high quality and textured paper that looks and feels luxurious and weighty. These papers are sourced from GFSmith, London. Coloured and pastel papers are also used, for their rough, fine art quality. These are often used with heavier card stock to mount all our hand painted wedding invitations on. People who receive your invitation would immediately understand the value and effort involved. The paper and raw materials we use serve to enhance the overall look of the invitation.
  • We’ll also use French metallic lace, quality bespoke envelopes, that are often hand made in house, and ribbons from international destinations like London and Paris. For our ribbons, we source and only use the absolute best in the industry, buying all of our hand made silk ribbons directly from Silk and Willow, New York.
  • Excellent Design – Our artist has an excellent understanding of design and can create wedding invitation cards that look elegant without being cheesy or far from the norm. Our hand painted wedding invitations and cards are often quite dramatic as well as being subtle if needed too, so to add a personal touch to the invitation. It is important that you select a designer that  has a look that you immediately identify with. The right artist can make it very meaningful.
  • From Inspiration to Design- Our designer will use your inspirations and themes to create the bespoke, custom designed illustrations for your wedding.
  • Take a look below at an example of how the designer Rubana used the below dark coloured flowers (Image credit here ) for the main inspiration point. From that she was started to create a large gestural, abstract acrylic painting that became the central focus point of the entire wedding suite, as a hand painted envelope liner for a bespoke order.
  • If you scroll down, you can see the photograph of a rich gold ceiling from a visit that Rubana took to Chateaux Vaux le Vicomte. This influence alongside the pears watercolour that Rubana did whilst visiting Portugal was combined for a wedding stationery suite with both elaborate details as well as softer watercolour artwork.
  • Any points of inspiration and visual ideas can be used to shape a design for your unique wedding stationery.
Custom Hand Painted Wedding Invitations
Custom Hand Painted Wedding Invitations envelope with cards
Custom Hand Painted Wedding Invitations -decor
Custom Hand Painted Wedding Invitations -pears
Custom Hand Painted Wedding Invitations -suite
  • Combination of Different Techniques – Our artist uses a combination of different tools and techniques to create a great design for your custom hand painted She combines drawings and sketches, ink work, acrylic paint in gestural backgrounds, as well as watercolour washes to create a stunning and elegant design. The contrast of sharp and vivid lines of acrylic paint with the faint, wispy water colours creates a stunning effect and adds dimension to the design. Words written with calligraphy just add another dimension to the invitation.

Want to know more? Just get in touch with us at Crimson Letters today and we’ll be happy to explain our custom hand painted invitations services to you. Just contact us through this form and we’ll reply as soon as we can.