Custom Hand Painted Invitations Envelope liner painted flowers

Custom Hand Painted Invitations (Client Work Lia )

Custom Hand Painted Invitations based on The Wind in the Willows.

In this blogpost I will be sharing the process of custom hand painted invitations. We will be looking at what it takes to work with a designer on creating a completely original design and all the steps involved throughout the entire process.

As a bonus right at the bottom, I’ve throw in some tips on How to Throw a Wedding Your Guests will Always Remember.


When you’re looking for custom hand painted invitations it is though you are making a designer couture dress. Rather than buying cheap ready made dress for about $50, you want an Alexander McQueen dress that is completely custom made for your body and designed specifically for you.



Custom hand painted invitations are the same as that couture designer dress, or even compared to your wedding dress, your hand painted wedding invitations are designed for you and in close communication with you. It is by no means cheap to work with a designer as there will be a lot of back and forth and a lot of time creating and tweaking artwork.



Custom Hand Painted Invitations black and gold suite




To make something special for you will take a lot of dedication and it is equally as exciting to watch unfold.

In this article, I will show you, exactly how I go through this process, step by step.



  • Inspiration
  • Sketches
  • Timing
  • Artwork
  • Production



Below is the very first stage of the custom hand painted invitations process, a sketch to loosely show the direction the design will take on, based on some inspiration that has been provided. Together, over the next few weeks  your vision will be developed into some custom hand painted invitations for you.




Inspiration and visual images theme – The Wind in the Willows.


Custom Hand Painted Invitations willows


Colours are to be guided by this logo, designed by Crimson Letters.



Custom Hand Painted Invitations Logo






The scope of this project includes:

Hand painted illustrated envelope liner, illustrated wrap to loosely hold invitations, invitation and information card, mounted upon paper. Gold foil application and hints of gold.





Custom Hand Painted Invitations sketch






  • Inspiration & Sketches –  1 week to gather and to create and revise sketches with any additions.

  • Artwork – To develop artwork it will take anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks, depending upon if you are satisfied or might need more design revisions or changes.

  • Production – Once artwork has been approved and all spelling has been checked, production will start. This phase is very intensive, especially if the client is requesting hand painted wedding invitations, it can last anywhere between 3 – 8 weeks all depending upon the complexity, various details and any time consuming elements, such as hand painted wraps etc…

  • Stuffing & Packaging – Invitations will need to be placed within envelopes and wax sealed (stuffing) then packaged securely. This can take a 1-3 days to finalise.

  • Shipping – International shipping will take from 3- 5 working days, the package will need to be signed for.





All the photos below demonstrate how artwork is produced and presented.


Based on the above inspiration below some illustrations have been created. The envelope liner that has been painted using detailed watercolour and painted over with white acrylic paint.


Custom Hand Painted Invitations Envelope Liners



Here’s a close up view, to show detail and hand painted acrylic brushstrokes, to add a touch of luxury berries have been added on a small scale. Gold has not been added yet, but it will add that at the end stage once the design, or “a” design has been approved.


Custom Hand Painted Invitations Envelope liner painted flowers



Here below there is a hand painted version and a liner without to show two different looks.


Custom Hand Painted Invitations Envelope Liners painted and not painted



Here is the artwork for the invitation.


Custom Hand Painted Invitations _invite artwork


Next, for these hand painted watercolour wedding invitations, watercolour is applied for the outer wrap illustration as well as the tree design for the accompanying information card has been made.

The below illustration has been somewhat darkened and saturated in colour. I have to do this for print purposes, otherwise the lighter colours don’t print very well on a non white surface.


Custom Hand Painted Invitations Envelope Liners Wrap

Custom Hand Painted Invitations Tree


The client requested that red, and blue flowers be added to reflect the theme from the envelope liner throughout the design. Calligraphy has been used throughout the suite.






Below are all the options created for the outer wrap.


Custom Hand Painted Invitations mole and wraps




Custom Hand Painted Invitations wrap choice




Custom Hand Painted Invitations wrap close up




Custom Hand Painted Invitations invites



Custom Hand Painted Invitations information card


Here are the text revisions and retouches for the mole illustration. For the mole, as the client asked,  slight reshapes of the face have been made, with some extra slight shading as well as add some more colour details to the mole’s trousers.


Custom Hand Painted Invitations Invitation wording





Custom Hand Painted Invitations close up on calligraphy






Custom Hand Painted Invitations mole






Custom Hand Painted Invitations info card







Custom Hand Painted Invitations info card detail



The colours below are quite bright, but this will be toned down slightly as it prints and look more as it did on the video above.



Custom Hand Painted Wedding Invitations boat





Anywhere from 2 -3 weeks will be needed for the production phase.

Time will be needed to hand tear edges on three items of the outside wrap and the two insert cards and hand paint edges in gold.

Then assembly and gluing the inserts to card stock and adding gold foil leaf upon all three elements of the stationery suite will take place. You can see this progress below.



Custom Hand Painted Invitations



Custom Hand Painted Invitations gold




Finally envelope liners need to be hand torn (edges) glued and will need to hand addressed and be stuffed with all the invitations and sealed.



Custom Hand Painted Invitations calligraphy




Custom Hand Painted Invitations envelopes



Lastly all the stationery will be packaged and shipped off to it’s final destination via courier, which takes anywhere from 3-5 working days.



Do you have any questions, or anything else you’d like to learn that hasn’t been covered? Please comment at the end and let me know, or reach out and connect.



Here’s the bonus I promised-



How To Throw a Wedding Your Guests Will Always Remember




Custom Hand Painted Invitations wedding party
Photograph Courtesy of Fidel Fernando @fifernando




Wedding days are special moments you will cherish for the rest of your life. But what about your guests? Sure, your big day is about you and your intended, but how do you guarantee your friends and family have the most spectacular time too?

Personal touches, unexpected treats and surprises throughout the day are just a few of the ways to delight and entertain your loved ones when you tie the knot. Read on to discover how to throw the wedding of a lifetime your guests will never forget.


Exchange heartfelt, personalised wedding vows – Humans are wired to remember emotional experiences. If your wedding vows tug on the guests’ heartstrings and bring a tear to their eyes, the moving moment will undoubtedly stay in their memories forever.



Combine good music with an open bar and late night snacks – An amazing DJ plus free alcohol equals a recipe for success. Who wouldn’t remember dancing all night whilst drinking complimentary cocktails? For extra points, surprise your guests with some delicious midnight snacks to end the night on a high.



Choose a distinctive venue – The perfect venue sets a scene and creates a beautiful backdrop for your big day. From seaside soirees to majestic castles, an enchanting venue and stunning surroundings are sure to charm and astound your guests.



Custom Hand Painted Invitations Vizcaya




Leave your wedding in style – Forget about throwing confetti when leaving the chapel. Why not give your guests colourful balloons to release or vintage bells to ring? Taking part in an activity that is exciting, unique and heart-warming is sure to be an unforgettable experience.



Custom Hand Painted Invitations confetti



The little details create the most joy – Thoughtful touches promise to make your guests feel special. Why not treat them with a personalised wedding programme and lavish, hand-written name cards? Not only will guests appreciate that an artist has taken the time to hand-paint their names and wedding information, the artwork can also be kept as memoirs of your special day. Crimson Letters create lovely and luxurious, bespoke wedding stationery, check out the website here >


Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to throw a wedding that you and your guests will never forget. If this article has helped you, please share!


Custom Hand Painted Invitations gold save the date







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