Bespoke Watercolour Wedding Invitations white flowers with yellow centres

Bespoke Watercolour Wedding Invitations

Bespoke Watercolour Wedding Invitations Project: Wonderful Wildflowers


My heart is a popping from my recent collaboration, full of beautiful wildflowers watercolour illustrations for a wonderful bespoke watercolour wedding invitations project. I’m so excited to be working with Michelle, A Pocketful of Dreams and although I don’t want to show you the final invitation designs and stationery just yet,  I am happy to show you the illustrations that I created.

I just had to share it with the world and thought it would be interesting to show you part of my design process as a hand painted wedding invitation designer.




Normally it is know that you should put out what you hope to attract in. I mean that in terms of design. To elaborate, I mean that as a wedding invitation designer, you have to create and display the type of work that you wish to be hired for. After two years of constant design work, constant style shoot collaborations, my signature style definitely developed to be a dark, moody black and gold style as you can see here.

So, for the type of work that I put out, mostly black and gold, I am really surprised when I have in the past, and with this wonderful project been asked to work on something light and bright!

It is completely different to my work and couldn’t more starkly different, but I think that people see the potential of my designs. Perhaps they feel that I have that delightful delirium about my work and that’s why they reach out.


Nonetheless, I am so happy to have this super beautiful project brief come over and here below is how it all started.


It starts with a mood board.




Bespoke Watercolour Wedding Invitations Moodboard
Mood board provided by client.






I’m so happy that this lovely client gave me the mood board above. The design brief was to be elegant and simple, full of wildflower and illustrations of daisies, mustard flowers, gypsophila as well as plenty of white flowers with bursts of green and yellow in their centres.

Think of a relaxed, rustic and bohemian vibe, peppered with organic prairie influences reminiscent of a wild overgrown English woodland garden.


Now white flowers have always, always posed a challenge for me and as you can see from the entirety of my portfolio, I have pretty much steered clear from attempting any designs with them!

Yet, I was happy for the challenge and below I’d like to share the series of paintings that I developed as a first step to create a suite of bespoke watercolour wedding invitations.




Bespoke watercolour wedding invitations artwork




Bespoke watercolour wedding invitations white flowers with baby's breath





The watercolour floral illustrations that I’m showing above didn’t arrive magically from my hands. Believe me, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th piece were all thrown away, because they were that awful! But I know that about myself.

I know that the first few designs are always a warm up and I have to get to the 7th piece of work before all the good stuff starts to arrive.

Still, I was rather afraid of messing up a watercolour in mid way, so I decided instead to start painting a collection of individual items.  That way I could then remove the background and move each piece around and “build” a piece or artwork. Which is also time consuming!



Here are some of the separate items below.





Bespoke watercolour wedding invitations deep yellow flowers


If anyone knows the name of the above flower, please do let me know in the comment area below!






Bespoke watercolour wedding invitations daisies



Following on underneath, here are some of the envelope liners that I designed.




Bespoke watercolour wedding invitations- enevlope liner with white and green flowers





Bespoke watercolour wedding invitations- enevlope liner with white- yellow and green flowers and daisies






Bespoke Watercolour Wedding Invitatios Envelope liner with lots of wildflowers




That’s all for now.

I do think that I have got rather carried away with all the daisies. I will show you more later on and you can see how I used all of these illustrations to design a set of bespoke watercolour wedding invitations.











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