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I’m a British designer, artist and a person with a passion for intricate creativity. I’m also wild about all things intricate and beautiful that sometimes I go overboard! But that’s what’s great about life. About Me – My Inspirations, first and foremost I say, be who you were meant to be. I’m a little shy to show myself in photos, but I’m happy to meet you.

About Me - My Inspirations Megeve

About Me - My Inspirations Megeve scenery
One of my most favourite places on earth, Megeve, in the French Alps.







About Me - My Inspirations myself

My Passions Are Many

l enjoy all fine tastes, design, countries, people, culture and places. A declaration has to be made here…… that I adore and just can’t get enough of skiing in Megeve, French Alps. Yes I am still coveting the extremely expensive white fur hat that I saw two years ago and I aim to buy it next time I’m there.

Food wise, I adore a moist pain au chocolate from Paris (love, love, love) or my recently discovered new craze tapas in Spain. Spicy Pakistani Masala will do any day. Obsessing over good design, always lustfully eyeing over Anthropologie and Horchow, distinctive interiors, architecture, cross stitch and embroidery.

About Me - My Inspirations cross stitch

My Background

I’m a graduate from The Nottingham Trent University, quite a beautiful student city. I had the pleasure of doing my degree in a renovated cathedral, it was fantastic! I graduated with a Textile Design degree and currently spend a few years working freelance as an embroidery designer. I was bowled over when I sold my designs to Japan, New York, Los Angeles, Germany and Australia.Then I met my lovely husband.  Now I happily spend most of my time working abroad and travelling regularly with my family between England, Paris, Portugal and the Gulf.

About Me – My Inspirations, well it’s actually my travels that inspire me the most!




About Me - My Inspirations seville
An 14th century converted palace in Seville, Spain


My Designs

I absolutely adore and constantly create artwork from the places I go. I never tire of endlessly visiting palaces, stately homes, monuments and any place with elaborate interiors, from wallpapers to old antique floor tiles. Even a rocky beach or the village in Portugal where we’re building a house holds so much inspiration. In fact now I have to keep a tiny notebook with me where I can quickly make a note of new design ideas, they keep popping up but as I sit down in my studio, they vanish. View the full collection here.



About Me - My Inspirations portugal
Monserrate Palace in the foothills of Sintra, Portugal.



About Me - My Inspirations Portugal
Queluz Palace in Sintra, Portugal



About Me - My Inspirations Pakistan
Visit to an old Fort in Lahore, Pakistan. Sadly, many of the diamond, rubies and precious stones have been removed.



About Me - My Inspirations Rome
A wonderful visit to Rome.


I’m zealous to bring a fresh, rich approach to wedding invitations which are a timeless medium. I have always loved weddings. However, as I live abroad and have missed a lot of friends’ weddings as a result. Well, it has added to my love for weddings! Seeing the bride in her white dress has always been a magical moment for me. I love shaping designs for weddings. Taking part in a brides big day, is a dream come true and something that I will always treasure.

I’m often inspired by my love of travelling, meeting new people and interacting with different cultures. I’m exhilarated and humbled by the beauty of the world. Bringing these ideas back to my design studio, each piece is fuelled from the cultures across the world.

Interested in my design process? Look here.

View the full collection here.

Need some more information, contact me directly rubana@crimsonletters.com

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