About Me – My Inspirations


I’m a British designer, artist and a person with a passion for all things creative. I’m also wild about all things intricate and lean very heavily towards loving all that is opulent.  Constantly craving for inspiration to fuel my imagination and take my work to the new heights you will find me at my happiest, walking through palaces in Paris, exploring new countries, cultures and historical places.

About Me - My Inspirations


I’m a graduate from The Nottingham Trent University, with a Textile Design degree and spent a few years working freelance as an embroidery designer. I sold my designs to Japan, New York, Los Angeles, Germany and Australia. Now, after many years, after marrying and starting a family, I happily spend most of my time working abroad and travelling regularly with my family between England, Paris, Portugal and the Gulf.


About Me - My Inspirations looking down at work


My Designs

Life holds so much inspiration. Flowers, architecture, elaborate interiors, wallpapers or old antique floor tiles, they all spur my imagination . I am committed to pushing myself forward, taking my calligraphy and art to new heights and getting lost in the details that look so perfect in the end.


About Me - My Inspirations work area



About Me - My Inspirations calligraphy for weddings


Interested in my design process? Look here.

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