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Designing uniquely hand painted wedding invitations, lavish stationery and calligraphy for weddings, Crimson Letters provides you with luxurious packages tailored to your wedding. With only a premium finish entailed, Crimson Letters offers a bespoke and opulent hand painted design service where you the client lead the style every step of the way.

As a couple you are unique and no two weddings are alike, nor should they be. Your unique wedding invitations capture your special story as a couple. Your wedding is your day, it’s a right of passage, a joy, full of heart-warmingly precious moments and it should reflect your personalities, your eccentricities and your special story as a couple.

Using only the finest lace and papers, Crimson Letters explore multiple designs, merging your favourite elements into a finished Unique & Luxury Handmade Wedding Invitations suite. All hand painted wedding invitations and stationery are individually decorated and adorned with calligraphy to create an authentic, exclusive style and beautiful irreplaceable memoirs for you and your guests on your wedding day.

With a wide range of designs adorned with floral prints, ornate styles and lashings of paint, our hand painted wedding invitations  and stationery will help submerge your guests into the theme of your wedding.

Fine Art Wedding Inspiration invitation wrap


"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see"

(Edgar Degas, French Artist)

Your special day is not about Crimson Letters leading the way, but it’s your moment, it’s one hundred and ten percent about you and Crimson Letters will do everything we can to make the experience a memorable and enjoyable one that can be looked back upon with a smile.

The head designer at Crimson Letters, Rubana, loves it when clients steer her with their vision and creative direction. She often times shapes illustrations that can be dynamic, off the way, classy and even pretty eclectic yet, tastefully brings them together with some splashes of paint and refined details to result in a collection that’s as special as the couple, which for her is a joy to experience.